Canonical urls for files

Do files on safe network have a canonical url?

For example, http://www.mysite.safenet/myfile.txt would be an uncanonical url (since it’s tied to the public id ‘mysite’ and service name ‘www’)

This file has a unique identifier on the network. Will there be a way to access it independently of the public id and service name it was created with? Maybe something like


As long as you have the datamap, you can retrieve all the chunks of a file that’s stored on the network.

The datamap itself is stored on the network by it’s hash (EDIT: Not hash - but a unique address), and that’s what’s linked to the coughcentralizedcough DNS. It’s the same as retrieving a piece of StructuredData IIRC.

You thinking of something specific?

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I’m thinking in some cases it may be better to link to ‘The File’ rather than link to the file ‘as referenced by the owner’ with a changeable public id / service name / filename.

Sort of inspired by how nix and guix do functional package management. Not always the best solution, but sometimes it has benefits.

In this case it would negate the need for redirects to ‘pure content’ if the original user changes their domain etc.

Well, I’ve always been a proponent of the Petname System (search these forums) for naming which forces all links to be the raw unique identifier unless overlaid with a name by the user.

Also, since the user himself chooses the name, no other party’s action can cause that name to reference anything else in the future.

But either way, yes I agree we will see some staunch examples of the advantages of referencing a data map rather than a DNS entry.

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An App like SafeShare can do the job…

That reminds me of mooted use for namecoin doing the same; that suggested potentially a big use case for copy and time stamping. So, unique instance of a document stands for all time.

Namecoin is the exact same centralized infrastructure that Maidsafe’s DNS system has.