Can we host email server or any chat apps on top of network

can we host any services like email service or chatapps on the network which can authenticate users and send messages to the other users

You technically could if you wanted to, but the APIs for SAFE will make hosting servers unnecessary.
Email/Chat/Etc have APIs (and example apps) coming out shortly that show how to use these features without needing a server.

SAFE takes the client/server model and throws it out the window. With SAFE, if you want to send a message to me, the message goes from you to me. Data can either be held client side in the app or in the private/public data for a user on the SAFE Network.

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waiting for such service to come soon.
i have tested beta app right now it was really nice, i was able to upload files and able to download at good speed.
and also i have a doubt regarding the data processing, can we make custom apps which require processing of data not from the client side like a forum say for example on top of safe network.

where admin can control some part of the service which was provided to the users.

where admin can ban users and delete some spam etc .

check out http://projectdecorum.safenet/ Its a project to do just that. Its still in PoC (and so is MaidSafe honestly) but yes. You can. It will be different from what we’re used to though. Admins wont be able to delete data per se, it will be up to users to moderate themselves (ignore people, downvotes [maybe?])

On the network, people own their own data, including the data that is post. Others can’t censor / modify / delete it, so there will need to be some paradigm shifts in how content is handled.

Is there no way to build forum software for SAFE to work the same way as the one we’re using here?

It may be possible with the new additions they are making with structured data that are coming soon. However, it will indeed still be a little different because of the lack of central servers. Others that have done more research into the rfc may be able to give more definitive answers though.

Similar things will be possible I believe, but we haven’t worked out the details yet, including all the different options and capabilities. New things will also become possible, and even old things will be able to be done in ways that are much better for users, and for independent developers.