Will you be able to farm Safecoin on your smart phone at launch?

I get the impression a few people have been working on being able to farm on your smart phone (which is a super exiting thought) so just thought I’d throw this question out there and see if if this goodness will be there from day one :slight_smile:

The is no longer “launch” or “day one” so it’s no longer a question with an answer. Features are being built on in a rolling fashion so it’s more a matter of where will this be in the list of priorities, which won’t be clear until it appears in either the roadmap our a sprint/dev bundle.

We can ask, but I don’t know if the team can answer that yet.

What we do know (I believe!) is that a none farming mobile client is a very high priority, more than a vault, but that too will be high on the list - especially since the move to none persistent vaults makes it far more important to offer.


It wasn’t long ago this was being worked on so it had been top of the list but a lot has changed since then such as refactoring and transposing into rust. Also hashing out all the different data types Here is a link Mobile Apps (Android) (IOS) - #2 by dirvine
Once they feel like the desktop version is close to nice and shiny and fully implemented, I bet they’ll sick a couple or few vicious devs onto it!


It seems logical to me there would have to be a specific launch time for farming that is open to all, or else the theoretical possibility would exist for someone to farm a bunch of coins by gaming a closed network.

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There was supposed to be a period in testnet 3 where safecoin was introduced and all data that was put to the network dropped which would have been what you’re speaking of. I’m not sure if this will still be the case on data being dropped but I agree with you. I suspect either they will arrive at the same time or there will be test safecoin first and announcement of real safecoin allowing farming will be announced with a new bundle
Sorry for wording that so wonky

There will of course be a specific time when real Safecoin can begin being farmed. There is no official launch though, this is one particular feature that will be introduced at some point, almost certainly after other major features have been thoroughly tested. It won’t be the end of major features though, hence not described as “launch”. For those who are most interested in farming that’s what it will seem like.

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