Can maidsafe be used for cloud computing?

I have a rudimentary understanding of computer systems. However, i am curious about the implications of how maidsafe is able to impact the end user. Lets say if i have a smartphone with 1gb of memory and 2.3ghz quad core, is it possible that one day i might connect my mobile device to the maidsafe network to gain access to more memory space and computing power?


Yes and hopefully weeks not months away :slight_smile:


I heard that @dirvine :slight_smile:


Let me know when i can grow my nails back :cold_sweat:

Me to I am looking at a pile of code here that changes a few things and wondering … what to do :wink: I am sure this is all worth it though to get it right.


For speculative purposes, how will the price of maidsafe coin correlate to the metrics of the maidsafe system?@dirvine What are the main market audiences that you have in mind? Is it the enterprise industry like box or the consumer cloud storage market like dropbox? From certain observations in the cryptocurrency world of transferring value, ripple has seemingly adopted a banking adoption strategy as its first customers whereas bitcoin exchanges are still highly focus on individuals trying to transfer value across borders. I appreciate the implications of the maidsafe project.Very interesting indeed.