Can I set up a vault on a headless server (no screen)

As in the title really; Will it be possible to set up a vault via the Safe Client: just using the command line?

Just thinking about that underused webserver I have ssh to…


Safe Client and Safe Vault are two different applications. Safe Vault run in command line. You should be fine.


Thanks, so a follow up question is can I store data from a headless server? A backup for example?

“The SAFE Client is the program that an End User uses to log in to and access the SAFE Network to view data, store data,”

Will the client have a command line interface?



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You don’t enter your credential to setting up a vault. You only need to put your wallet address to the vault setting and start it.

You start the client, create your account and write down the wallet address. On the headless server you open the setting file, put the wallet address in it and start the vault.