Burning coin for a particular purpose!

Simple enough, the ability to burn a coin for a particular purpose, send it the the service they seek (like a domain name service or a search safe network service). That could be an interesting feature to the SAFE Network for recycling coin.

Who will use that feature. Some or most follower and fans of the SAFE Network that want to support the later be better.

It may be weird :relaxed: , but it’s an idea we can talk about.

I would prefer that SAFEcoin stay intact and recycled, and that AltTokens be developed that can be bought with SAFEcoin and burned. This would allow communities to be funded through human decision rather than just a flat rate via the network.


Be burn I mean recycled and be recycled, has I understand, it disappears to be mined again. It still the choice for everyone to use the service they want. The feature I propose is not a replacement, but an additional choice.

I’m not saying it’s a good idea or bad. Having the ability to recycle safe coin instead to pay someone for the service, I think I will go to a kind of open free service that ask to recycle coin for me to be at a higher priority in a search engine as an example instead to pay directly to them like google search.

This feature it’s not really important but may add something spicy in the network.

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