BTCFEED / Beyond Bitcoin – Using Blockchain Technology To Decentralize Everything

Bitcoin surely does serve a great purpose for it’s users. It’s decentralized, pseudo-anonymous, and secure. As we know, the Bitcoin protocol is based on the revolutionary blockchain technology which solves multi-decade long problem tracking of unique digital assets without a centralized ledger. Up to this point, the solution was to use a centralized entity in order to validate transactions, but blockchain technology enables us to keep track of each individual’s assets on a decentralized programmatic level.

Some companies have taken that blockchain technology and are implementing it to create other decentralized services besides a currency.

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You do understand that the SAFE network doesn’t use blockchain technology ?

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Well Melvin, you can theoretically use blockchain technologies within SAFE Network; though SAFE Network does not depend on blockchains in any way.

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the SAFE network is not build upon blockchain technology as the writer of the article seems to think.