Breaking into the Node API

Trying to get my hands dirty with these Node APIs!

I’m not quite sure which direction to go with this; I’ve tried a few things and they’ve all returned strange errors so maybe I don’t have enough parts (mock-routing, etc) installed?

After downloading dep_downloader and safe_app_nodejs and "npm install"ing, these are things I’ve tried and failed at:

  • “node app.js” fail. Not sure what I expected to happen :stuck_out_tongue:
  • making this small file and running it
  • “node auth.js” strange errors. Quite sure I need more parts to make this work.

I’m sure it’s because of my limited knowledge of node, but maybe some community members could at least tell me which direction to head down?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Just trying to join in the fun :smiley:


Did you:

  1. install the correct version of Rust? (1.14.0)

  2. After pulling the repo perform git submodule update --init and then npm install?

Edit: What errors exactly?

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thanks that was exactly the problem

@hunterlester was helping me and you’re right that turned out to be exactly it.

Still got strange errors after doing those and doing the main “npm install” though,

trying to update my node and npm right now because that’s what my terminator reccomended :stuck_out_tongue:

For updating node and npm I recomend nvm. Helps to manage and switch between many node versions.

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