Bloomberg Businessweek mentions MaidSafecoin

Theres no such thing as bad publicity.


They SO don’t get what’s going on, either in Bitcoin or (especially) MaidSafeCoin.

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Or they are deliberately trying to confuse or misinform.

Perhaps, which also means they really don’t know what’s going on. :smile:


“MaidSafeCoin allows people to pay to store files on other users’ hard drives, among other services.”

That’s kind of a misleading reference…allows other people to pay? It didn’t mention the tradeoff…

The article also ends with a reference to CitiGroup - who wrote a bill that Congress just passed allowing banks to gamble with taxpayer money.

It’s not biased at all, is my point…

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I don’t think so. MaidSafeCoin wasn’t put in a negative light, even though that one line of storing data doesn’t come close to covering the essence of MaidSafe.


You’re right. Data is always humbling and whether it ever corresponds or not, it has a way of changing the way we look at things.

Is funny though. You pay to get access to storage on others hard drives and what do they get in return? Access to less ads?