Blocking of p2p servers by Korean ISP

I post this as a source of info on how ISPs and government are reacting to technology they don’t like, and how they might try to attack SAFEnetwork. I think this would pose no threat, to the current design, but still worth monitoring what they are doing - in this instance, against bittorrent.

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I’m getting a 403 Forbidden error.

Link seems to work fine for me.

Worth mentioning that this is not “Korea”, but South Korea, or does Kt work for both states? Hard to imagine.

Nope, still getting a 403 error. Just tried it again just in case. Might be my ISP is blocking it or something.

As I understand it there is effectively no Internet in the north (maybe some mobile web?) only the government and a select few. So it’s probably just the south

:wink: as far as I know the internet of north korea is exactly these websites:

but of course i have never been there … so maybe i’m wrong :smiley:

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Speaking of somebody who lived there before, I can sit at South Korea has taken a deeply fascist turn. Their current president is the daughter of the president that led South Korea through its chief phase of development, who was also a fascist f*** who tortured people who disagreed with him. I guess she figures that the people should simply be glad that she isn’t electrocuting their testicles instead of just blocking their Internet.

I think one of the more important points here is that regulating net neutrality doesn’t work. Using law doesn’t work. However using code, as SAFE is coded to keep it’s users free and secure will.


What’s the work around for an ISP that blocks P2P connections? Run a node on a server?