Beta 2.0

That means my method is reasonable. But it requires time to get more accurate.

I am working on it being able to give me updates every period and an average size for last few hours. (nodes will come and go so it will always be an average)

Lets see what it gives in an hour. It should see more nodes and hopefully be closer to your figure


my network size is calculated separately on each machines after having a look through some of them top value is 40,000 lowest value is 29,000.

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I have now seen 38150 nodes.

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here is graph of last 4 hours from all my machines.

got an interesting outlier down the bottom think i may restart that system as looks like something is up with it.


And I’ve received my first store cost, 10 nanos, that came with 19 records.

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Is the Discord Bot already working? Because I’m having trouble getting Launchpad to work, I cleared my cookies and restarted my computer, when I logged into Discord, two messages about my earnings automatically appeared, and when I typed the /rank command, a third message appeared:

The bot is drunk and the bouncers have left the building :man_shrugging:


are we confident we have enough discord mods? xD

@joshuef or @qi_ma

my files carried over from the previous test net was this intended as i thought we where having a hard restart ?

AnarchyInTheSouthside.mps is missing a few chunks but the first two files are still downloadable :slight_smile:

safe files download "first.jpg" e16363a40f3edb24f2184d5745bd9b91f7a031dc8e95179584a2f9c8d4968e1b
safe files download "BegBlagandSteal.mp3" 3509bad03dc869dec883c7b44662c3503d2517fa9e828bb64f4dbe719d3837bf
safe files download "AnarchyInTheSouthside" c0893739a688b739aac5b75ac845b6c428c21b73dc782352bb1ad529495a87af
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Did you update your safe client? If not you may be taking to buses that haven’t been reset.

think I am good on version

ubuntu@sha:~$ safe -V
sn_cli 0.93.9

can you try and download on latest version of client to confirm @happybeing ?

Sorry not now. I’m on the sofa watching footy. :soccer:

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@neo last 12 hours on my side


The only way they could carry over is if people did an upgrade in place without resetting. IE not following instructions.

I have yet to get an answer if this is possible. If it is and seems to be the case then its a gapping attack and gaming vector. The new network came with new keys.


  • make a private network for myself with enough nodes to hold all the data I want to upload at this time
  • use a previous version so I can
  • upload all my data to my private network then
  • do a upgrade to the live network
  • the chunks in my nodes will disperse into the new network through churning
  • I win because i paid nothing to upload as much data as I want
  • rinse and repeat

Attack vector

  • I again run a private network for myself but this time I
  • keep spinning up nodes (or mod the software) until I have nice grouping of my nodes around certain xor address. Like close enough
  • If I mod the software then it will take minutes to do this, if not then hours or days, but I snapshot the nodes so I can keep going after an attack getting more and more nodes around certain xor addresses
  • the groupings do not need to be around predefined xor addresses just pick groupings that look promising and restart the other nodes trying to get more around those xor addresses
  • once I feel I have enough nodes around a xor address then upgrade those nodes to the live network
  • the network will churn chunks to my nodes and my nodes become the closest nodes to many chunks
  • then kill off my nodes all at once and those chunks are gone from the live network

Since I have snapshots of the nodes I can do different areas on a cycle.

And I just with a couple of PCs can over time just keep zapping small regions of xor space and over time get more and more of these very local regions of xor space.


Over the last 4 hours my little data mining exercise has seen 57649 nodes. Every hour it increases and sloping off to what would be around 60,000 nodes. I would confidently say the network is closer to 60,000 than 58,000

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I started 24 nodes within a couple of hours of the reset announcement and they all look find since, though shunning is higher than previously.

I observe the same apparently non-random activity in terms of earnings though. Yesterday one node earned 10 nanos. Overnight, the same node has earned twice more, now a total of 30 nanos.

The chances of this being random are negligible, which appears to signify a problem.

I’ve been observing and reporting this apparent non-randomness in perhaps the address space or distribution of records for months and not yet had an explanation, so it appears to be an unacknowledged bug.

Filed as a bug: bug: lack of randomness expected in the network · Issue #1956 · maidsafe/safe_network · GitHub