Beowulf Cluster

A Beowulf cluster
is simply a collection of inexpensive commercial off the shelf (COTS)
computers networked together running Linux and parallel processing
software. First designed by Don Becker and Thomas Sterling at Goddard
Space Flight Center in 1994, this design has since become one of the core supercomputer architectures.

I think this is an interesting approach to adapt for SAFE Network. This is something I’ll certainly publish abou the results.


Busy man! I look forward to your first AI :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if this is going to be the best approach of using multiple machines. The main process for a farmer’s equipment will be to store, retrieve, and to send information. Cluster computing is good for having a large process broken down into smaller reoccurring processes. For example, I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a genetic algorithm where the child nodes create the generations and the parent node assesses the strength of each generation.

If you have multiple machines, I suggest making multiple farms. That way multiple gets can happen simultaneously.

or one large farm using NAS, and having multiple send nodes :slight_smile:

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Ok, sure. But what kinda router config would you set?

Router config? The NAS will be connected internally in your LAN by a dedicated server. This is a tutorial to set up a Raspberry pi as your server and share it’s files using SAMBA:

it’s a cheap and low power option that you may be able to use if you are not worried about fast access from the central server. (For instance: the bottle neck is going to be in your upload speed to the internet.)