Finally a usefull Raspberry Pi

@happybeing maybe something that you might play around with sir


Apparently windows10 will also be included:
Windows 10 Will Be Free For Raspberry Pi


Definitely tempting… only £25!


I used to run our CI tests on one of the model B’s and also beagleboard black (and my phone with ubuntu installed) . They are all good enough, this will definitely have enough power for a vault.


I read about it earlier today. Thinking of buying 3, and giving 2 away to a couple of friends who are excited about the potential of safe. Does it have the spec to be of use to the network? Thanks.

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Yes and yer welcome :smile:


The Odroid C1 is also $35, also quad-core, also 1GB Ram, but it runs at 1.5GHz instead of 900MHz.

It runs vanilla Ubuntu, instead of Rasbian, so perhaps a bit more friendly to installing various software on, although Rasbian has almost everything, I still feel better with Ubuntu so in the future, I won’t be surprised when trying to install something new.

EDIT: Just found this link. Apparently you will be able to run ubuntu or debian on the new raspberry pi


Awesome, I got my last Pi with my tax money last year, and I just filed today. Perfect timing! One of these will definitely be for Safe.

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