Belgian lightning takes out Google

This could never happen on Safe Network.

However, in a very few cases — less than 0.000001 percent of total disk
storage space — the data was unrecoverable and permanently lost.

We could only imagine what that percentage equates to.

Lightning did not strike the data center directly, according to a Google representative.

Those batteries could have kicked in and let the network know that they are poorly responsive and SAFE could have patched those holes before data started to get lost.


Nice one… I love it.

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That’s the SAFE Network. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Yeah, the marketing bozos’ value-added. Let’s use percentages!
I imagine everything that was in memory-based write cache is gone.

It probably doesn’t amount to a lot on a per-customer basis, but still, it shows they’re not as invincible as they want their customers to believe.

Google Europe exercising their Right to Forget :slight_smile:


I am Belgian! - he shouts off topic

The real headline should read “Belgian lightning takes out Google”


I actually thought of you @BenMS when reading the article,

“Isn’t Ben from Belgium?” :smile:

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love that you updated the thread title ! :blush:

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