Bash script for specifying ports and delay

I made a cool bash script for those running safenode-manager that wants to specify ports, shows last port for last started node and delay between node starts. Instructions below the bash script.


Function to display usage information

usage() {
echo “Usage: $0 -n <number_of_times> -p <start_port> -o -d <delay_in_minutes> -c <node_count>”
exit 1

Parse command-line arguments

while getopts “n:p:o:d:c:” opt; do
case “$opt” in
n) num_times=$OPTARG ;;
p) start_port=$OPTARG ;;
o) owner=$OPTARG ;;
d) delay_minutes=$OPTARG ;;
c) node_count=$OPTARG ;;
*) usage ;;

Check if all required arguments are provided

if [ -z “$num_times” ] || [ -z “$start_port” ] || [ -z “$owner” ] || [ -z “$delay_minutes” ] || [ -z “$node_count” ]; then

Loop to execute the commands the specified number of times

for (( i=0; i<num_times; i++ )); do end_port=((start_port + node_count - 1))
echo “Running: safenode-manager add --count $node_count --node-port $start_port-$end_port --owner $owner”
safenode-manager add --count $node_count --node-port $start_port-$end_port --owner $owner

echo "Running: safenode-manager start"
safenode-manager start

start_port=$((end_port + 1))

# If not the last iteration, wait for the specified delay
if [ $i -lt $((num_times - 1)) ]; then
    echo "Waiting for $delay_minutes minutes..."
    sleep $((delay_minutes * 60))


Report the last port used

echo “The last port used in the port range interval was: $last_port”

How to Run the Script:

Save the Script:
open a notepad or similar in Linux, copy and paste the bash script
Save the updated script to your file

Make the Script Executable: Might have to run command from the script location
chmod +x

Run the Script:
Execute the script with the desired parameters:
./ -n 2 -p 12105 -o discord-name -d 3 -c 5

-n = number of times nodmanager runs and start new nodes.
-p = add start port, then the script will add the correct number of ports depending on how many nodes you choose to start.
-o = Discord name
-d = Delay between node manager starting new nodes in minutes
-c = Number of nodes starting every time node manager makes a run