Augmented reality as input and output

Suppose you have Netizen journalists who want to input what they see and experience into MaidSafe in a way which is simple but which can be monetized?

  1. Leverage augmented reality so that technology like this video can be part of the MaidSafe experience Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality - YouTube

  2. Leverage artificial intelligence so language barriers can be bypassed and virtual assistants can be possible.

  3. Leverage micropayments so monetization is possible using micropayment models.

  4. Allow Journalists to sell profit shares in content to a pool of initial distributors. These people would earn the profit from taking the content viral while also funding the journalist operation.

  5. Allow Journalists to offer credit tokens or other digital objects which represent some particular kind of content. Such as a particular kind of file type, quality, story topic, or whatever so that people can buy tokens which can be redeemed for future content. These tokens should be burned so that people who save them or who hold them can make a profit.

These are just ideas. Refine them.


FYI see who crowdfunded live tweeting of the hacking trial from the Old Bailey in London. The trial is in summing up, but you’ll see the history of several months of tweets, all made possible because when this journalist said he’d have to stop because he couldn’t pay his mortgage, the folk on twitter suggested he try crowdfunding until Christmas. He’s still funded six months later.

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