Article: Facebook Says 1 Million People Accessed the Site Over Tor This Month

Another good indication that people are ready to start flooding onto SAFE once it’s up and running with good app experience.


I don’t get it. Facebook is a CIA operation according to Alex Jones. And no doubt there is a grave risk that Facebook is some kind of huge government/industrial complex front and social one-ring-to-rule-them-all farm. So do they use Tor and at the same time use their real identities on Facebook?!


I must be one of six people in the world that does not have a Facebook account.


Interesting point.

I don’t know that this is talking about rational action on the part of farcebook users. But the point that they are accessing the network via Tor, whether it gives them any protection re farcebook or not, is not the point. It could mean that they are using Tor automatically for everything, which means that they are valuing privacy and so make the effort, whether they are accomplishing it or not.

My point is that it’s data indicating a readiness to accept a new paradigm of security.


People who believe TOR gives them protection are slightly delusional. Every alphabet agency has and can bypass the anonymity of TOR. A quick Google search will yield hundreds of stories…the latest just a couple weeks ago.

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Could you please cite a reference for that?


Those are scraper sites, simply quoting articles from other pop news sites. They are not references.

I’m not going to wade through tenth-hand journalistic tripe aimed at knuckleheads.

Cite the supposed research and critique it. Don’t just repeat such tripe.

However valuable the ultimate truth of Tor’s vulnerability, and whether it’s proved or not, is really beside the point of this thread. The point is that about a million people seem to use it to access facebook and thus demonstrate a concern for privacy and security, even on the least private ground available.

They want the interaction. If they can get it in a more private, secure way . . . even a few hundred thousand starting to use apps on the Decorum protocol will be the start of a huge snowball on an avalanche-ready slope.


apologize for the second hand summaries. Here is the source work.

As @fergish pointed out though, its the fact that there is such a demand for anonymity that is the encouraging part !


I’m sure they use fake accounts. There are so many fake accounts on FB.

Maybe there’s a whole underground world of fake FB communities of ppl lol via Tor


[quote=“fergish, post:4, topic:8849”] My point is that it’s data indicating a readiness to accept a new paradigm of security.

Indeed. Ever saw this Ted talk? He mentions Maidsafe and facebook towards the end.


Yeah, I’ve seen it.

They ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


Make that 7 :grinning::grinning::laughing:

It is a good indicator @fergish

Look at platforms like minds, mewe, ello and the like and it shows the timing is ripe for social apps on SAFEnet. We just need social apps that have beautiful UX, addictive features and really enhance human connections. It is coming, MVP on its way and apps will follow :slight_smile:

Apps already being cranked on. More to come.

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One of the things I love about SAFE is that MVP is just DNA, this thing will grow into a huge organism and we can already see its outlines. We know that what’s in its code sets a direction and drives towards it. Its an uncompromising vision. People will be drawn to it for its purity (in a good way.) It reminds me of Tesla, you can see electric vehicles replacing every kind of vehicle. The writing was on the wall for electric vehicles as subs, tanks, trains and dump trucks already had key electromotive or hybrid parts, but soon it will be ships and planes and trucks. In the same way the neutrality principle at the heart of the net and net’s early self healing design goal that would keep communication or speech alive (even if it was military 3C type speech) even under nuclear attack are a kind of precursor for SAFE. Out beyond privacy, security and freedom SAFE will give everyone a voice.

I heard the other day that the word “Idiot” comes from ancient Greece. An idiot was someone who ignored their public life and so put at risk their private life. You need a voice to tend to your public life. And those Greeks weren’t tyranny of the majority type democrats. Those who got power were elected by dice or lots and for a limited non repeatable term. Once in power they faced an ever constant barrage of questions meant to slay all sacred cows, the people were the law but they weren’t idiots and would respect people’s private lives. They still made use of the vote for issues but it was more of a communication medium because everything was subject to the people.


My guess would be that a lot of those 1 million live in countries where facebook is blocked by the ISPs (forced to do so by the governments) and these people use tor to get around these countrywide “firewalls”. SAFE could not solve that problem or could it?

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What if people got paid SAFEcoins if they install Tor Relay Nodes? Would it also be a reason for the Tor project, to integrate the SAFE protocol?

There was a time that Firefox use to show advertisements in it’s tiles. What if the Tor project did the same to promote the SAFE Network, for paying the Tor community SAFEcoins, would the human powered growth of the SAFE Network explode?

Who is it hurting if the SAFE Network paid people to install Tor relays. All I see is the Tor network growing, the SAFE Network growing and the nodes run by governments reducing. It would be a fun social experiment, that would benefit the privacy centric communities.

It’s logic that people in control of botnets will love the SAFE Network, but an organic human powered SAFE Network would benefit us all.

Would you install a Tor relay if you got paid SAFEcoin? Would it be easier if the SAFE protocol was integrated in the Tor browser and you didn’t have to install anything? Would this move draw the attention of millions who already use Tor?

Yeah I know I’m sounding like a hype machine, but it woulden’t be the first time that things just got integrated :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea doesn’t make sense. You setup a Tor relay node, collect Safecoin, shut down your Tor relay node, sell the Safecoins and go buy yourself a cup of coffee.
What’s the point? And who would be stupid enough to pay people for this?