AppLauncher & Licensing

Hello boys and girls!

I would like to know how licensing applies and what the applauncher is for.
I understand that any app that consumes the SAFE API anyhow must be GPL and therefore its source must be openly available.
So let’s say i would like to consider using the SAFE network for my business or let’s say i only want to evaluate the value of the SAFE network for other businesses (that aren’t open source).

For a closed source busineess i would need a way to get around license issues, break them or invest in another tech that is less strict.
Let’s say i would want to get around the issues. Would it make sense to develop an open source adapter app that is GPL and uses some interprocess communication for my closed source app?

What is your solution for this? Or is the app launcher the barrier betwwen the kernel and the user app, that also comes with a less restrictive licensing layer?


Yes :wink:

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ah yes? this is really great!!

is there a place i can read how to develop a hello world and what license i need to use?
if not, this would be very much appreciated.
since i follow this project the page is completely broken. if there are ideas how applications may be built, by which rules and with a selection of 5 api calls for a small example, this would really really be helpful!
It really just needs a hello world and some introductionary words about how it is supposed to work.

Thank you so much for your tremendous work!!!


Watch for this weeks update, there is some news for you then :smiley:


:smiley: … \o/


hm. i can’t find the news you were refering to, there are no news about how to write an app, ? if there are: i didn’t get it…

try to see your baby from outside the community. the entry points for a stranger are broken and the info we get through dev updates only comes from the heros of the core dev team.

but we need updates

  • from the web team saying: we are fixing our broken links,
  • updates from someone willing to explain what an app developer needs to know (lic issues and a hello world in rust) before getting into the details of an api or the details of the implementation of the core network.

links to broken pages:
forum: How to build an App on SAFE Network

are all linkin to this broken content:

(keep the links and URLs, just fix the content)

so the issue really is just about fixing some of the few tips of your huge pyramid enabling everyone to get fresh, basic perspective from outside BEFORE trying to understand any of the features of the API (which is again before trying to understand the details of the implementation of the network itself)…

add issue: “Cleanup & restart”. shall i add the issue?


Hey @frog,

When you say broken links I guess you are referring to the content within the pages as all the links in your post work for me with exception of the MaidSafe examples (where are you finding this link?).

I think we do need to make the entry points for app devs into the network easier and we are working on a dev focussed site right now that will address that. Unfortunately there have been some delays with this. Very soon, we will start to release our own example applications that will act as tutorials to other devs and these will be published on the dev site.

We appreciate your comments and we do know that there are some gaps there and are working to resolve them.


Hey @nicklambert!

Sorry for the trouble. I know you know…

[quote=“nicklambert, post:7, topic:4717”]
are referring to the content
[/quote] yes, just the content of

[quote=“nicklambert, post:7, topic:4717”]
where are you finding this link?
[/quote] in the body of the main entry point for app devs: where it says:

MaidSafe are releasing a number of example applications, these can be accessed here.

and in the book at the bottom of the page: where is says:

Click here for examples of apps which use the MaidSafe API

typically besides these links we can also see links into the archived repositories…

No worries.

I’ve raised a task to remove the link from and I’ve made the change in the system docs. Thanks again for the heads up. We should have link checkers in place for this type of thing, not sure why we didn’t know this earlier.

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