App security

When an app is loaded into local memory I imagine that a hacker can modify the code and do all kinds of mischief. Many apps will need to modify global app data, and can a hacker hijack the app’s own credentials? With a client-server model that kind of security can be handled on the server side. A SAFEnet app on the other hand runs locally on each client. Even when the data is stored with the user’s own credentials there seems to be a risk of hacking. For example could someone change the view count for a video from 1 to 1,000,000 views by hacking a video app?

See SAFE App Launcher - Introduction - #51 by polpolrene

I think that is responsive to what you’re looking at.

It mentions exe files for Windows. Are those available somewhere without the need for a build from source code? I haven’t been following MaidSafe for a while. It would be interesting to test the MAID client.

No downloadable installers yet, but expected soon (by me :-))

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