App give part of farm reward to user who shared the link. Plausible?

A better explanation of what I want:

The idea is a user on an app clicks the “share” button on a page and gets a unique link to some content (as a bad example: safe://some-app/some-hashed-file-request/hashed-id-of-user-Backseat). When someone views the content through their link, I want the user to get a % of any app farm reward generated from their link.

The user is not the content publisher, merely someone linking to content.

Is this possible? To somehow pay a user for sharing a link to content in an app (or created by an app)?

Furthermore, is GET-ting data the only way an app makes money? Does PUT-ting to public/private storage earn a farm request?

The APP stores the link and pay address of the user.

When someone uses the link then the APP keeps a tally (in an SD) and pays the user when the amount reaches a coin. The APP determines the number of links followed equals a coin.

Although the APP would need s source of income as I doubt APP rewards would be enough

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Hmm… You know what I think sometimes I complicate things when thinking about SAFE.

The app stores the user-id & link-id. When someone clicks safe://app-url/link-id it knows where the request came from.

But how does the app know how many SUCCESSFUL farm requests were made from that link?

Keep a counter. You store it in an SD, or a file owned by the app. Size of file * hits ==> # chunks. Apply a factor to estimate successful farm requests. NOTE: the network is deliberately designed to NOT leak info about successful farm requests to anyone, except a coin is stored in the pay address for the vault.

Thats is why such an APP might find it hard to make enough to pay out coin.

How would an app know if someone used a particular link?

To achieve this the app will need to be involved whenever the link is accessed - so anyone using the link will need the app.

Web Apps / Browser Apps

This can be done if you can reference both app and data in the same link, which can’t be done without some extra network API. It is feasible if webapps and the SAFE browser add-on are designed to support this - which is the purpose of my SAFEpress RFC proposal. This proposes a way of encoding URLs which the SAFE browser plugin can use to both load the web app (HTML/JS) and give the app access to data also referenced in the URL.

This is similar to how dynamic websites work in a server based environment, but since the SAFE network doesn’t have servers, it has to be done differently.

Only a Proposal

It won’t work for SAFE apps that don’t run in a browser though, and it isn’t accepted yet but will be discussed at some point.

Non-browser Apps

I think it would be good if we can come up with a way this can work with non browser apps, and I guess it will be feasible once apps can be started by the launcher. When that happens, users could share “launcher links” which are interpreted by the launcher, decoded into a link to the app to load and a reference to some data or identifier which the app is then given access to. How about that @viv @krishna_kumar?!

Isn’t that what the OP said. How else would this occur?

The link is supplied by the APP

Yes, but a safe URL can’t achieve this alone - it is just the address of some data.

You need something that will take that URL and break it down into an app and an id/dataref, and this doesn’t exist in the current system. Without that it won’t work, so I’ve suggested how it could work.

And I thought that was the purpose of the APP, to serve up what ever was at that link. A link does not have to be a URL. A link is just a link a link to some sort of data that the app interprets. Or did I read the OP wrong?

We read it differently, so both cases are now answered whichever it was :smile:

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