Any consequences for Email, MTAs, DKIM, SPF etc for hosts in the SAFE Network?

The Subject is probably a dumb Q but I thought I would ask anyway . .

I have been using QMail for decades and am not likely to change to another MTA any time in the foreseeable future but I have been wondering: After I move all my data to SAFE hosts, which in the case of my main Linux server will presumably also be running QMail, are there any automatic benefits for email security that flow from this decision?



They will remain separate systems, like nntp (news servers) is separate to email servers.

Safe is a another set of protocols across the internet. Different qualities to nntp, smtp, etc but still a set of protocols with the client talking to nodes, and nodes talking to nodes with the purpose of storing data and retrieving data.

There is no connection between nntp, smtp/email, etc and Safe.

For there to be a connection an APP would have to be written to do that.

tl;dr there is no inherent benefits.


BTW, the only real dumb question is the one you don’t ask