ANT Tech: How ant societies evolved, or not

Some more interesting if disputed ideas about how altruistic systems evolve and how they defeat groups of selfish individuals.

Useful for thinking about how SAFE works, how to respond to attacks, etc

What humans can - and cannot - learn from ants


Wilson sounds like Hayek 2.0

"But each ant is programmed to know its place in society, with a selfless dedication to the task of protecting and rearing the queen’s offspring in well-tended nurseries.

The allegiance to a queen is central to ant society, even to the extent of sacrificing the reproductive potential of each sterile female worker." - Article

I guess the people of Kenya are selfish and don’t know their place and that is why the UN has decided to sterilize them. UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population - The New American

“But ask me what ants have to say about how we should behave and what they tell us about our own morality. The answer is nothing. Their societies are almost completely female. They eat their injured and they are in almost constant, obliterating war with colonies of the same species. And whereas we send our young men to war, they send their old ladies. There’s not much there to be learnt,” - Wilson (quoted in the article)

I’m glad we have people like David who can learn and see the usefulness of ants even if to apply their ways to or communication/exchange system vs our morality system.


A Disk Scheduling Algorithm Based on Ant Colony Optimization pdf: