Another Shot at a Carbon Tracker

It would be nice to have a phone based SAFE application as follows:

Enter in your demographic information and it renders a carbon score and helps you set personal carbon goals

In shopping it will sort product choices by carbon scores and credit your purchases to your score.

It will sort contractors, financial institutions, employers and cooperatives also educational institutions, nations, states and municipalities by their carbon scores and credit your choices to your carbon score based on their type and your degree of affiliation

It will tally diet choices and credit the carbon score for purchases as they occur.

An organic farmer could have “certified fully renewably produced” produce with a composite carbon score which would include water quality (it’s a carbon issue) and the use of similarly green contractors for shipping and retail.

Thresholds could be added into the personal carbon footprint score. For instance upon reaching a no sugar added diet the health impact would reflect in the carbon score. Similarly, if someone achieved a household with a certain level of conservation features, like water reclamation and all electric appliances and vehicles powered by a solar system with sufficient battery storage.

For planting a viable permaculture garden with consideration of its parameters and health and for composting.

Such an application can be private and secure but still social the degree that individual end users find useful. I don’t think systems that sell people’s information or rely on sponsorship or allow sponsorship influence are compatible with carbon reduction goals as such system have deep conflicts of interest. It should be possible to use software to help achieve goals in a way that is secure, decentralized, transparent and privacy protecting.

Let the sharing economy build it. Someone does a seed or template in the creative commons under a General Public License 3 format and then the community forks it, builds it and keeps it transparent, inclusive and conflict free. The “internet of things” which is just about here will make this much easier as will ad free flat search models that eliminate sponsorship and sponsor influence. Such search engines might carry the general unsponsored index but would only get a cut or micropayment when they actually matched a buyer to a seller. It means that commerce is incidental not primary and it puts the emphasis on accurate search even where search is not commercial. In these flat systems the conflict of interest is removed and trust is increases as the parties interests are aligned. The new sharing economy is also developing a range of non-invasive verification systems aimed at fostering trust and the reliability of systems.

This application could be a bit like a Fit Bit in that the health of the body and planetary ecology are intertwined. It could show various clocks and the impact on the global score if everyone had the same footprint as the user.

Why couldn’t this be done on the Internet?

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Maybe it could be, but I think the trust needed for it, to keep it from becoming a privacy mining face book type thing, to make it more serious and to keep it from being screwed with would be much better on a trusted/trustless platform like SAFE.

From the description, it is simply a record keeping kind of thing on your local machine. There is nothing about it, more than literally any other possible use of a computer, that is especially enabled by the SAFE network.

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There is the privacy angle which is huge. I personally would love to use social media but I do not trust it on a non secure base. I think a lot of people are in this boat. This thing could track a lot of your habits and choices, kind of like a carbon Fitbit and become a source of embarrassment for some. I’d welcome it on both sides, but I think it deserves a more secure basis. For this thing to really work it might need data from the IOT and IOT really really needs a secure basis like SAFE.

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The west’s synthesis with communist china’s ‘social credit score’ and of course takes in data from smart electricity meters.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever ~ George Orwell


Exactly. I want this but want it on something secure, private and optional like SAFE. I know we disagree on the climate angle and possibly on the fossil energy angle as well. But I do want to cut to cord on fossil energy regardless because its a huge distraction and I do buy the claim that its massively inefficient and means we end up working more etc.

This kind of thing could have negative economic impacts against some rural farmers who rely on fossil fuels in order to transport goods or maintain crops and animal stocks during colder months.

I agree opting for greener options is better but one should be aware that those greener options aren’t always available.

Well I am always in favor of helping out farmers. Cooperatives could be set up to help them to transition and as long as we have states around one of the less negative uses of the cash they are always extracting is protecting the food supply and helping it transition. Its better than putting it into weapons under state control.

If you want to track carbon, then you want to track humans…whether that’s securely or insecurely.

By declaring carbon as the enemy, you enable the greatest mechanism for controlling humanity ever known and that does equate to freedom.


Its only for people who want to track their own behavior to cut down, not to be imposed on others.

When you say:

It will sort contractors, financial institutions, employers and cooperatives also educational institutions, nations, states and municipalities by their carbon scores and credit your choices to your carbon score based on their type and your degree of affiliation

The raw data (feeding the app) from these bodies is being provided without coercion…and is available for consumption now?

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He has a point. The information has to come from somewhere just like money.

He’s right, it would need to be market pressure and something the firms like Amazon provided because their customers asked or it.

Think of Trump, even if Bannon is a self proclaimed Lennist, Trump has vowed another petrol bailout. I just want to the ingredients on the label so I can divest, and divest more than pensions. I also want to cut cords. I believe in the empowerment of everyday people. Even beyond subsidies I am tired of five decades of petrol bailouts. Does anyone really believe 08 and the austerity was the result of home loans to the poor? Next up to sacrificed to petrol is retirements. Because of wage slave jobs people were not free during most of their waking hours, and hence not free at home or even in sleep and without retirements will never be free- certainly were free in wage slave prepping k1-12. If central planning was the reason the Soviet Union’s collapse, nothing is more centrally planned than chronic petrol bailouts. The economumics of petrol were broken even before the notion of a peak came up. By 1970 it was pure plantation.


It now appears petrol through out its global history has never been revenue positive let alone profitable but it has claimed massive amounts of illusory transfer payment based profit over years and used that to pay dividends and has been doing this even as it regularly goes into massive global economy destabilizing debt that require bailouts (wars) and austerity to cover financial collapses. It will never be revenue positive or profitable and that was known likely going back to the 50s. If it was going to continue from that point it should have been run at cost without the private property claims but really petrol fuel energy should have been gone 70 years ago.

But at least 50 years ago its economic non viability seems to have been the key attractant for the petrol currency doctrine because it hollows out the public sector that could challenge permanently defunct capital. But now it looks the “crypto” in crypto currency will finally replace the ‘petrol’ in petrol dollar. About time as it seems stranded asset petrol is even holding pensions hostage. It seems that most of the corruption and serious problems in the world stem from easily replaceable petrol.

Given the above and given that the ill gotten gain should probably be disgorged, are you still against voluntary opt in private tracker apps that work a bit like calorie counters? There are Google calorie counter apps i.e., “Chronometer” with feature sets that coulds serve as a kind of example interface template for a point of sale overlay for point of sale carbon divestment.