Announcing Safenoise: The SAFE Music Player! (Live Test17 Demo)

Just making the same thing,

Simple player that shows music, like yours

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Ah competition or collaboration. Will the rivals end up in an epic dual or form an alliance that will last till the end of time? Tune in next week and find out!


…or will the Kafir-Tech Sound box 500 come and beat them all…just need to learn to code first…ICO coming soon! lol :smile:


You should release the ICO now, with the understanding that development of the app, and all necessary preliminary steps to that development, such as learning to code, will be financed with the ICO money. That’s how things roll in these modern times. Get with the program.


To be fair @anon81773980 Etherium is one of the biggest cryptocurrrencies out there. And decorum and NVO have made decent progress considering they’re working on a project that’s based on a developing internet that hasn’t even been finished yet and can’t even work on development until each test net comes out.

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These are the ones that will succeed long term. This space is developing fast and people now demand to be more included within a project in all aspects - hence the rise of the more “DAO” type of projects. Which project would you invest/involve yourself in, given the choice - a project you have no say in with a protocol that is quite easy to copy and all the coins in the hands of the few whales, leading to an un democratic, non-inclusive money=power system, or the copy that distributes coins/votes/power equitably and de-centralises all control of the project to its users? No brainer to me. :slight_smile:

What is level 2?

By the way, I can’t even connect to safe network when I open SAFE Launcher.

[quote=“pilgrim, post:30, topic:14779”]
What is level 2?
[/quote]Please read this topic for information.

Level 2 refers to the forum software’s member levels which increase as you participate in the forum discussions

Got it. Thanks.

So, SAFE Network, at least as of now, is basically a place for the enthusiasts to be, not for just the end users like me.


Yep for a few more months at least I would estimate

I get this message when trying to access safe://mockup.safenoise

“This site cant be reached

Any idea?


It’s the same as a 404 error on regular internet. It means that you are successfully connected to the SAFE network, but the site you typed is not there (or possibly,. You mistyped it, or it has been deleted.

I just tested it, it’s working for me! Do any other sites load for you?

I also noticed that sometimes I get that error for a site that I know exists, and I can (usually) fix it by completely closing the browser and reopening it and trying again.

Yes these other sites work for me. There are some nice games there!
After restarting the browser indeed the safe://mockup.safenoise website worked.
Thank you!

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Well done. Keep up the good work. That’s all. Hot damn this network is gonna kick-ass!