Andreas Antonopoulos gives thoughts on the SAFE network

I managed to get the first question in to Andreas about SAFE Network , at one of his recent talks ,)

he was focusing on Bitcoin in terms of a decentralised, flat network platform fro trusted apps etc…


I’m at work and can’t watch, but I love andreas. Anyone have real quick synopsis? Good? Bad? Promising? Doesn’t follow?

Andreas… “Very interested in the project, very interested in the technology… we’ll see how it goes”. This is what really intrigues me about this project. So many people have MAID on their radar. When David and his crew release MAID into the wild… watch out! They will all say… “I didn’t think they could do it, but they did. Congrats to them on a monumental achievement”. Then the real speculation begins, not just by traders and trolls on Polo, but by the brilliant minds it will attract which will take MAID to the next tier. Andreas said it best… “some of the first applications we are going to see are personal computing and personal clouds”. He also mentioned sharing is nice, but having an incentive to share creates a network effect. Can you say Safecoin?


Wow you did that too? I went to one of his talks at a Meetup in San Jose and raised my hand for a question about SAFE, but he gave a pretty unimpressive answer / didn’t seem to have put much thought into it…

It’s crazy when someone’s goals over lap in such a huge way, but they’re just too attached to the first solution that came by…

I don’t mean to be rude here. It just stood out to me. (honestly, maybe I’m doing the same with SAFE :P)


yep! I thought well if I’m going to get a question in, it might as well be first and a straight up ‘what are your thoughts on SAFE’ :wink: Andreas is an academic I heart I would say… he’s got his eye on SAFE (he includes references to it in the short course he does at Uni of Nicosia) but it is an experiment for him still to be proven… I think he’s a top guy… and would welcome Maid into his philosophy without hesitation…


To be honest, that wasn’t a particular good summary. I don’t know the guy, so I’m not judging here, but that sounded more like an alternative to the services amazon offers, when in fact it is a lot more.

But I’m confident that understanding and scope of SAFE will only increase in the coming months.

nope it wasn’t, but he was really there to answer questions on Bitcoin etc… the important thing is that at least he gave a summary, got in on the radar of the attendees present and any youtube watchers that may pick up on it…


Fair enough, but what I immediately got out of watching this, was that without even hesitating, he knew about Maidsafe and its technology and was very interested in it and the surrounding tech.

He is such a well known figure in the world of BTC, that it really made me smile knowing that he knew about the Safe network and obviously had an interest in how it will develop.

Don’t think I read too much in to that either. Just seemed obvious from the way he quickly responded without trying to remember what it was about. Being that there are so many coins/platforms out there now, that is.


Slightly off topic, but here’s a really interesting discussion between Andreas and David from 2 years ago: @Coin_Artist interviews Andreas Antonopoulos and David Irvine - YouTube

I’ve had discussions with Andreas about safe a couple years ago as well which he was very excited about at the time… but he’s so immersed in bitcoin that there’s only so much you can keep track of. I’m sure he’ll start paying attention again as development progresses.


Appreciated. All his video talks get a lot of attention from investors as well as other people interested in BTC/Crypto, so getting your question in, and answered, is a great thing. Well done.


Like I said, I’m not judging him or his anwers, just wanted to point out that it wasn’t particular comprehensive. On the other hand, it’s really difficult, if not impossible to describe the full scope and potential of SAFE in two sentences.

So it’s good thing that he talked about it.

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Thanks Paige, that video was 90 minutes and packed with very inspiring and insightful thoughts from Andreas and David. Brilliant! :slight_smile:


Thank You for sharing!

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He says “computing”, is there some plans to allow people to share cpu resources and such and not just hardrive space? :confused:

Yes. That will not be implemented immediately, but it is part of the path forward after launch, for sure.

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Lol seriously. Wow! Discovering Safenet is like a weeks of continuous mindblows. This has to be it, there can’t be anything more undiscovered tidbits I have missed. It’s almost an overkill at this point. I was in when I heard about the messaging bit, fell in love when I heard about storage and at this point, after incredible feature nr.1032 i’m exhausted lol.

inb4 someone drops by and says there is a Safenet OS being worked on.


I doubt it’s being worked on yet, but there’s been a lot of talk about the virtues of having such. A wee bit of time will make it so, I’m sure.


Stop it! just, stop… Hehe


@Panda I was the same when when I first started poking around with SAFE,

The more layers you peel back, the more epiphanies you have that are like “Holy crap, when people get what this can do, its going to be a legit BIG DEAL.” :thumbsup:


Also kinda makes you realise how backwards and broken our current systems are, in so many fields…

Currency, government, servers, privacy, free markets (lol), IP / patents, freedom (of press, of information, etc etc), inclusion of poor countries in the global online economy, quality education, artist / label revenue systems, and just middlemen in every field.

Ugh. Bout time :smiley: