An infographic I found on with Maidsafe on it

Does this infographic look accurate?

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I’m having a hard time extracting much meaning from it. But as far as MaidSafe goes, it’s missing at least a solid cover of “Hashtable Routing.”


I wish discourse supported tables in markdown.

Politics: Yes
Interface: Not yet
Html-based social app: Not yet
Native social application: Nope
Many-to-many scalability: Hell yes
One-to-one application: Maybe? (not in real time, but messaging/network shares yes)
Hashtable routing: uhh…duh!
transports and mesh networking: not yet
operating system: not yet - in the far future
libre hardware: N/A

Yeah I found the whole thing kind of ridiculous. Once I tilted my head to the right angle, I also found maidsafe rather mis-placed.