Advice About Call Back Filesystem


There is no problem Fuse in Linux systems , but in windows really it is problem because we can use only 15 trial day (sometimes they cant send key i mean : eldos) also if we want use always ; must pay for it.

That why i searched callback filesystem for windows (opensource)

Dokan - How to access iPhone files with a disk mount - it have many library .net - ruby and other.
fuse4win - it can found in github search
davfuse - it is supporting many system xp,win7

have a nice days

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Thanks for that. We used dokan for a while but it slipped and seemed to go unmaintained, fuse4win is related so same again. davfuse is not really up to it I think.

I wish somebody would do an OSS FUSE for windows, we may end up there in maidsafe, but it is lower priority right now than launch. We can at least provide compiled versions as we got a license for eldos, which is kinda OK but not great. It would be a great but thankless project for a windows developer to get into. U say thankless as its full of windows API guesses and at the end of the day users will just say , ah Ok a drive. The work is hard, but suits core dev I think as most of our stuff is pretty invisible and some of it is really deep and difficult like this.


I’m not keen on the error handling in CBFS either. You have to throw an exception for common things like “buffer is too small”, when a simple error code would’ve sufficed. I guess thats just a matter of preference.

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If somebody can do like oss fuse for windows ; is there a reward for this?

There will be even better an open Nfs API that will allow low level drive alls to be made to the network itself and a JSON interface to allow any existing apps using azure/s3/google etc. to just switch easily.

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Side note: Microsoft announced opening up and thus released their driver framework on github, now maybe dokan could again be enhanced instead of using closed source cbfs.

Msft blog post with announcement
Msft User-Mode and Kernel-Mode Driver-Frameworks on github
Msft driver samples on github

p.s. even more opensourcing going on at msft, msbuild opensourced to github.


This is better than fantastic news, we will definitely get somebody on this as soon as testnet3 is up. We are getting it up without the vfs initially anyway as much has changed there (but posix and REST disk based API’s will be there). So perfect timing as well.


Scoping to fit the release schedule - music to my ears! :slight_smile:

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