Activism on the Maidsafe Forum

So far I’ve sensed we’ve been trying to keep this forum more or less… politically neutral. We keep our politics, if any, in the OFF topic section. Well I’ll be frank our various beliefs, politics, and activism affect how we believe things should be coded and they do highlight various social needs that would inspire various apps. I just read about an 8 year old girl getting tasered by a cop and while that might not be dirrectly here or there in the grand coding scheme of things it’s incidents like that that say highlight the need for police accountability say, annonymous communication, ability to photograph the “authorities”, the need for the people to be armed and defend themselves against the state, so forth and so on. And whatever your position on these topics I believe having a section of the forums devoted to such activism would be beneficial, a place to post things beyond just philosophy and so forth. That way it’s not getting in the way. I don’t know if such threads should be kept out of the main listing on the homepage or not (I feel they shouldn’t be) but I also feel having a space reserved would be important. Code is essentially the new politics and activism is part of politics therefore it stands to reason that making a space for it on a forum that is as developed as this and as revolutionary as this makes sense. Anyway those are my thoughts. Feel free to discuss the idea.

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A new category (Activism?) could be added, with subcategories so that we can politely avoid each other :smiley:
I am even if favor of giving the most prominent activist from this forum his own subcategory there :wink:

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I’d say maybe making a subtopic of Off-Topic?

If you read an article that gets you fired up (like the police tasering you mentioned) and you think it’s applicable to MaidSafe, if you were to just post the article and say “MaidSafe will help prevent this!” That’s probably Off-Topic.

But if you’re saying, “This article here got me really worked up. It made me think that an application for highlighting and databasing these police brutalities. We could make the app do X, Y, Z…” then that’s something I’d consider On-Topic, where politics ignites action.

The only reason I might disagree with this is that it might be seen as a sort of segregation, which goes against our image.


Association should be voluntary, otherwise that’d also be contrary against our image.
We should see it no differently than Meta, Strategy, Development… There are good reasons not to put all topics in one bucket. One may want to discuss activism related to privacy, other how MaidSafe can help prevent global warming.
Forced segregation would be against the principles of MaidSafe, but that’s why it’s not forced.

I think the idea is that in order to increase or maintain the “pleasantness” of the forums while not restricting freedom or increasing flame wars, we may want to make a few additional playgrounds, that’s all.

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weirdly coincidental…