A request for Admins: Add Total Likes column to topic history?

This was a feature added to Discourse in 2019, I think. It would be great if you could go back to the beginning (2014) and make this available for all history searches also.

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I added it as a test - let’s see how many people find it annoying and want it removed :lol:

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Thanks for the quick work, Dimitar. Apparently, the Total Likes includes those for the original topic’s post plus the Likes for all the Replies under it, which is very misleading. Is there a way for the Total Likes column to include the number for only the original post?

Example: Yesterday’s post, “Another one of these videos please…”, shows 18 Total Likes; 6 for the original post and 12 more for all the Replies that follow. Could the column only show the 6 for original post only?

Sorry to bug you about this, I’m working on a Forum History spreadsheet that might be of interest to some and I would like to include an analysis of number of Likes per topic over different periods of time. Don’t worry, I’m only including aggregate figures or a recap of Top Posters that won’t embarrass anyone. Showing all the Likes including the Replies does not really accomplish much.

Sorry, the plugin does not have such functionalities…

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Okay, thanks for checking anyway.