A potential maidsafe app?

I read this and thought “maidsafe” but saw no mention of maidsafe. I would expect this is a perfect candidate to use a maidsafe architecture to develop the app.

BitTorrent’s Bleep messenger is a secure, decentralized chat platform


Messaging with MPID(MaidSafe Public Id) is a fundamental part of the network. We definitely hope to cover this in early examples where sending/receiving messages would be the initial hint of things it can offer.

App’s can then use that to send file messages(well they wouldn’t actually be sending the files, just the info of where to find the chunks for a file and how to put it together via the DataMap). Since it’s just this info we transfer it enormously cuts down the time taken to send say a 20gb file to someone else on the network compared to what we have today where you upload/download or even transfer the entire contents in a p2p network.

We can then take that further to have N+P validation with MPID for group consensus which could be used for other network operations in areas like shares. All this while being in a decentralised network where a user’s privacy is held intact, quite a few nice things we could do :smile:


@Viv I am just soooo excited to see these apps. No pressure, just get it done yesterday!! :slight_smile: