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For those that want to dive a bit deeper into the SAFE Network, I’ll post a bunch of links to documentation below. It should be readable even if you’re not a developer. If you want to dive even deeper and to develop using the APIs, make sure to check the SAFE Dev Forum.

The idea for the SAFE Network is to provide a distributed filesystem

SAFE was thought to be impossible

The network uses cryptographic keys to communicate/authenticate

One of the basic concepts in the crypto space is “Consensus”. A group of nodes need to agree on a certain state in the network. Here’s the concept for the SAFE Network:

SAFE is a so-called XOR network

David wrote about XOR as well in an earlier post:

MaidSafe uses XOR in a unique fashion:

Autonomous networks are self-healing, self-managing and most importantly independent of human

SAFE uses Datachains to secure data and network events

With Safecoin data is the currency

SAFE has a unique feature where you log in to a decentralized, autonomous network

Data is “self-encrypted” before it’s uploaded to the network

Next to immutable data (like a movie) you can store mutable data as well. The hashes change when you change data (like a word document) but with MD the network stills knows where your data is.

This topic is not complete by any means. Let me know if I missed something.


Best post on the entire forum imho. Hopefully the incredibly modest title doesn’t cause it to be overlooked.


Maybe we should just change the title to “Documentation Links” and sticky it?


Maybe we could add this list at the top in the the forum header, so it does not slide down as newer messages are posted. It definitely deserves to be on the same level as Download, Apps, etc.


Lists of Whitepapers, a couple which are not in the OP.


Where can I find a whitepaper now? Links in wiki are not working. It reports “Page Not found”.


It seems you can find them in the Whitepapers Git repository. However most whitepapers there are ‘.lyx’- instead of ‘.pdf’-files… Maybe the most ‘recent’ commiters @Viv or @anon86652309 know how to best convert these ‘.lyx’- to ‘.pdf’-files (or html). I can see the ‘.lyx’-files (with errors) with the ‘Lyx’-app on Linux.
Edit I see pdf’s in de ‘gh-pages’ Github branch: Whitepapers/pdf at gh-pages · maidsafe/Whitepapers · GitHub

I guess the main point here is that the page with the links needs to be fixed. Broken links is very bad marketing.

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Links on the wiki seem to be working fine now. Apologies for the trouble, according to our FE team, the issue was due to an error in the build script that fetches the sites from the gh-pages and publishes them to netlify.


Hi, the wiki server ist completly down? It reports ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

The wiki was out of date so it’s been discontinued

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Hi @JPL, thank you for reply. I’m asking, because in your SafeNetworkPrimer are therefore old links :slight_smile:


Yeah, the Primer needs an upgrade that’s for sure. Hoping to find some time in the new year to bring it up to date, add in PARSEC etc.

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It looks like the only wrong link to wiki is “Farming”. Do you know, who can I find it now please?

It’s still there on the Wayback Machine FAQ - SAFE Network Wiki

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clever solution, thank you has been archived and now redirects to the SAFE Primer.

Even though I feel the archived documents are still valuable, documentation sprawl is pretty frustrating for newcomers and this is my bit to help new people have the best early experience possible.