80% Concerned About Privacy - Can SAFE Bring Benefits of Big Data?

Intel did a survey on attitudes to privacy and it has business worried, because they’ve been eyeing up the opportunities of “big data” based on enlarging and exploiting the cloud.

The article gives a little insight into how they see the challenge of reassuring people, partly informing people about who has access (ho ho), and partly through the myth of anonymisation.

Maybe SAFE to show itself as an alternative way of getting the benefits of big data, through truly anonymous participation.


SAN FRANCISCO — More than 80% of users are uneasy about who has access to their information, according to a new survey. Intel and several of its partners discussed ways to address such big data concerns at a recent event.

“We’re at a tipping point here… and it has to do with big data and the opportunities it can unlock for people,” Intel chief security and privacy officer Malcolm Harkins said at an event. “Sixty-five percent of data owners don’t know who has access to their data. Still, we have a lot of people, 45%, who are willing to share data if it will benefit society if it can be anonymized.”

To quell fears, companies must embed security into their systems and highlight privacy in their business goals. Harnessing the potential of big data will require businesses to “assume responsibility for establishing transparent business practices, designing privacy-enhancing technologies, and encouraging legislation that helps instill trust,” Harkins said in a release.

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