64-Bit Clients Only?

For what purpose are 32-bit clients being omitted from the proposed development? Is it the Year 2038 problem?

One reason is the effort required to produce double the binaries at the moment when its just the pre-alpha testing.

The ARM vaults are 32 bit.

Most modern machines are x64. There are still a lot of 32 bit machines out there, but really, 32 should have been phased out ages ago.

That said, a lot of the countries that really need the SAFE network still use older hardware, so I’m sure those binaries will come out when the network is in alpha or release.

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I maintain my own personal live-distro-on-a-usb based on Bunsenlabs, and had the choice of compiling it for i386 or x86_64 architectures.

I chose i386 because it’ll theoretically work on (most) any box that I plug it into. That being said, I haven’t had a use for it over a 64 bit version, and it runs noticably slower than a 64 bit OS. However, it still gives me a sense of smug pride to know that I can get physical access to any box necessary…

That being said, for practical purposes, consider that chrome on linux has discontinued their 32 bit version, and only a 64 bit is available. So like any other FOSS discussion, it’s edge-cases vs efficiency. sigh