You made it back :)

@dirvine. Who knew this brainy Scottish dude would garner so much admiration and respect from such a wide variety of people. Your work has already and will continue to pay in dividends. Welcome back commander. You taking a two week vacation was indeed a rare event. Where do we go from here? Any epiphanies to share with us. Any revelations about our path we should be informed of. Any outstanding experiences you would like to share with the group? A quick mental fart should cover these questions… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Alright, no time to waste. Finish planting the seed that will gradually save the world. Keep yourself healthy, cause as one of its great contributors, you wont want to miss it. :grin:


Not much to report this time. We will be putting even more process into dev though, so rfc’s will be getting a huge attention now. They are this week for next weeks sprint. It’s looking really good and focussing a lot of heads in specific areas. I think this will make a huge difference to speed once again. I will write up a post to explain the process soon, but much more scope documents → rfc → implementation pseudo code → Jira tasks for community to get into (with all the backup docs including rfc’s and conversations).

Just faster and more inclusive once more. Then we can work on the next steps like computation etc. which will be a huge boost. Gives me much more time as well to consider the next steps rather than answering so many questions at once in all areas of the system. So really more scalable and many more names involved for people to see.


Welcome back David! Count me in as one of your many admirers.


Did you have fun on the ocean?

Stayed on land this time, next to the ocean though :slight_smile: (In Skye looking over Noidart)


I’d just like to say it’s a beautiful view!


Great view! Nothing like spending time in beautiful open spaces to revitalize, inspire and refresh!


OK so when does Nick Lambert get his vacation?


Word! Good question! :smiley: @nicklambert. When you plannin to kick yo feet up?


I got some time away in July so my need was not as great, those views of Skye do make you want to head north though :smile: