Windows, Linux or macOS?

For this probably Linux but in general Linux is a nightmare from hell. In Linux the most basic things don’t work, if you have a Nvidia gpu then there starts your first nightmare. Want to install an app then you need to google until you find some random commands for that app to start, you want to download an app same thing, want to be able to minimize windows same thing. The more you use Linux the more you want to start cutting your arms to release the pain, anxiety and anger. But if your hardware is strong then I would consider trying to get it working on Windows.


In the old days maybe. I have to use Windows for work, for security reasons, laughably, and I find leaving that and returning to my Mint laptop feels like shedding layers of unnecessary skin. These days Linux is as complex as you want it to be. You can be a masochist and choose Arch or Gentoo, or be kind to yourself. Up to you. Of course there’s a learning curve for everything.

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No, its ok. Just wanted to vent how much Linux makes me hate it the more I use it, maybe it will change. Between Windows spyware and security holes and Linux who just want to make you furious and waste as much of your time as possible, it is a hard choice. Wish there was a good simple OS that is safe and does the basics good. And if you fancy writing every command in CLI then you could do that also. Just let me doubble click to install an app and make GUI as a standard for apps which can be optional for those who just want to write commands in a cli.

I could never suggest Linux to a normal regular person if they want to do anything other than browsing the web.

It’s already changed. I’ve just bought a new laptop with the latest Nvidia GPU and installed Ubuntu on it.

Nothing is perfect and that includes the Windows 11 it came with.

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It works but finding the latest up to date drivers for that gpu is a 30 min journey. Wanting to monitor cpu speed and temps, have to find and install lm-sensors, should be built into the OS. Want to install an app, 75% chance there are some dependecies you don’t have, then you got to google where and how to download and install those. In Fedora you can’t minimize windows without finding some add on to install, it should be a toogle in the settings.

Are you posting from 2024 or 2004? If you’re installing some standard app like a spreadsheet or whatever onto a standard sort of Linux like Ubuntu then that’s as easy as it is in Windows, albeit a different, possibly unfamiliar, process. If it’s something a bit more obscure that’s not in the repo, then you may hit the dependency problem, but in my experience doing the same thing in Windows is generally more problematic, with less free help available online.

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Fedora is an outlier. Nobody should recommend it to regular users.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for years now and almost everything works right away. And that’s impressive because I’m an outlier, and push the boundaries rather than just run standard apps.

There’s hardly any difference in that respect from Windows.

I began with this laptop by setting up Windows 11 and that was awful. So invasive, masses to configure, very confusing sending me all over the place, and forwarding all my clicks in Edge to Microsoft.

Oh, and it now serves ads in your Windows apps, and they are building their own walled garden.

Nobody should recommend Windows now.

Overall Ubuntu is a better option for most now.


@happybeing I need to do some more benchmarking now and try to tweak the used 5600G to get optimal performance/temps for the stock cooler. And then comes the part that scare me getting an VPS server to work on Oracle free tier.

It’s been rough days, bent a pin on the cpu :hot_face: and then the cpu would not post, the mobo took a whole day to get the cpu to post on after bending back the pin. Then 4 hours of Ram testing getting errors on the DDR4 rams. Much to do before beta.

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But Fedora hav up to date packages, Ubuntu only updates every 6 month or somehting like that. Otherwise Ubuntu is the best and most friendliest of them all.

Yes, WIndows works very well but 11 is awful in so many ways. I rather pay for an OS than getting adds in it.

That’s why you get issues in Fedora that don’t crop up in Ubuntu.

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Maybe that is correct. But could not risk it for the biscuit, Wireguard told that Ubuntu packages was outdated and needed them to work with the VPN provider I use.

Sure, but we’re talking about regular users here.

For us getting packages from other repos is straighforward.

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For running safenodes? Whatever is to hand that isn’t already busy! But if I had to buy something it would be a Raspberry Pi 4 because they are cheap and have Linux on it. But other things like that are available. It’s just that I know and like them.

It would be insane to buy a Mac for running safenodes and any spare one usually has a more demanding use for it.

I personally wouldn’t use Windows unless I was stuck on a desert island without anything else. But that’s a personal thing because I hate Windows and Microsoft.

It seems that safenodes run just as well on any of them. There were a couple of issues with getting the early safenode versions for Windows to work but I think they have been worked through now.

Pick any one you can and you’ll be fine.


Ubuntu OS updates every 6 months, as in the core fundamentals, but the applications that run on it update all the time, with the latest stable versions. Fedora uses the newest less tested, unstable versions. There is no reason at all for most people to use these over the stable versions. They’re for devs.


Sure but it would be good if they could have the most important and used apps up to date.

Ubuntu [module – v1.0.20210606 – [out of date]( bump the WireGuard ubuntu package&body=Hey,%0a%0aAs a user of your WireGuard ubuntu package, I thought I’d let you know that wireguard-linux-compat version 1.0.20220627 has been released. Could you bump your package?%0a%0aThanks!) & tools – v1.0.20210914]

Wireguard with openvpn are probably the two most used VPN apps.


For example?

See above. I even sent mail to the Ubuntu team as wireguard wanted you to do, to remind them to bump the package. For a month nothing have happened.

But is it not worth getting the Pi5 as it seems to have a 3x stronger cpu.

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