Will Safe Network be Likened to Chia?

Interesting story about the fallacy of the Chia “green” pledge. Everyone in this forum realizes that Safe Network is about much more than the token but it is still worth contemplating what kind of reviews Safe will get shortly after launch, how many writers will jump on the “another Chia” bandwagon.

“Decentralized cryptocurrencies are a cyberpunk parody of unregulated capitalism. They are a disastrous resource drain on the world, by design. The designers look only for fresh resources to abuse.”


I hope they invite the comparison, it’s a slam dunk that you can explain to your grandma. “That network is like leaving an SUV running to produce solved sudokus that you can trade for heroin. SAFE stores your data privately and permanently, and no extra resources are consumed beyond what is required to do that.”


That’s where some people will have questions: Will there be a run on resources (primarily hard drives) just like there is with Chia from those who are only interested in the farming aspect of Safe? A lot will depend on the rewards algorithm . . . and the market price of SNT, or whatever it will be called.


The big difference is of course that resources in SAFE are actually being used to store your data rather than otherwise useless math constructs, so do not represent a new demand as they displace other installations of the same hardware being used for the same purpose.


Yes, but that doesn’t negate the profit motive that will be the driving force behind some users. How many is the big question.

We know it will be between 99% and 0%. If other working products like FileCoin, Sia, Storj can be our guiding stones, we can assume that speculation will be closer to 99% than to 0%.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Yep, it certainly will and can be a major selling point.

It will shift resources being used by the big websites to unused resources people have in their computers.

In fact if the world shifted to Safe Network and stopped using the old web then we will see a reduction in the demand for storage devices and slower increase. Reason is deduplication.

Until then we will see a reduction due to home unused resources getting used and deduplication as people start using the Safe Network for their non-local storage needs.


Well thats me sold anyway