Will it be possible to start a company or service without the governments and your customers knowing who and where you are?

What if I want to start a company but I don’t feel like paying taxes, telling the government where my company is based because I fear these kind of things: Reddit - Dive into anything

Quote from the Reddit thread:

[6:06:27 PM] taariq lewis: HEADS UP COUNTERPARTY

[6:06:45 PM] taariq lewis: Just got off the phone with a professional in the Compliance and Prosecution Space

[6:06:59 PM] taariq lewis: Expect 5 - 6 Companies in Bitcoin to be handed enforcement actions

[6:07:16 PM] taariq lewis: before Money 20/20 event on November 4th.

+all the other difficulties starting a company brings along that costs you money ?

Can the SAFE network make it possible to start a(n) (online) company or service without customers and governments knowing who and where you are ? I’m not planning on doing this but do want to know if it’s possible :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say thanks for bringing this up.


With caveats. If there is a delivery address involved or even out of band communications then no. Inside SAFE is SAFE anything that leaks out is not. So if the other party leaks then there is a privacy leak for you by default. It’s one of the reasons we keep pressing for no SMTP conversions or people hosting data on anything other than SAFE. The risk is probably small in many cases, but if we are all in SAFE then it’s OK from a digital perspective.

Obviously if laws state you must declare interests etc. then that is another matter, however to communicate, share etc. digital data of any kind then SAFE will facilitate that. This world will need to advance its thoughts as these things now exist and SAFE I hope leads the way in privacy, we wont be the last though and version 2 will be better than 1 etc. So the question is can it be stopped and I think the horse has already bolted on that one :smiley:


Regardless of the particulars of this case, this goes to show how important it is for these platforms to (strive to) provide anonymity even when that comes at the cost of other things.

Those who would trade in their anonymity for their consumer rights deserve neither.

MaidSAFE users - although it doesn’t deal with money - will probably also be impacted by that attitude in the government (a different one, but still). Although that isn’t about money, it’s about revenue, and hence about taxation, so folks, get ready for for a long war.