Will it be possible to run a bitcoin node on safenetwork?

As far as I read, there is no way to link to the normal web from the safenetwork.
If it is true I personally think it’s wasted opportunity for quick mass adoption.
No youtube video can be read/embedded ?

Besides imagine if you could run crypto nodes on Safe, you could actually create a real decentralized exchange where each user has his coin deposited on his own wallet on SAFE. (Sort of like polo, but no hot/cold wallet detaining your coins - your coins belong to you and the exchange is just an app)

Or if you could have a chrome extension to browse safe, or even better a safe extension to read the clearweb from the SAFE browser.

So my question is technically what prevents this to happen ?
Is it just an intention from maidsafe to keep things separate ?

When I see how database intensive the blockchain is, I think it would do wonders for BTC, ETH to migrate to SAFE in a distant future, and it would undoubtedly boost the Safecoin price.

Pay for put won’t allow this or they should rewrite bitcoin incentive model and let the fees go to put’s/storage costs. But will you have enough fee to store the block and to pay some % to the miner/staker eventually, so they have incentive ??

So this will never happen imo…

Long time ago I believed also it was better to have one system (which it totally isn’t), it’s cool the way it is imo… They’ll connect all the projects through decentralized self governing exchanges which is fine imo :ok_hand::smiling_face:

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The only thing you mention that isn’t technically feasible is running a bitcoin node on the SAFEnetwork, at least until it implements distributed computation (planned for later), and then I’m a not able to say for sure.

Everything else is feasibly (with one caveat - below), so there is no reason why a service cannot be provided that enables videos stored on SAFEnetwork to be retrieved from a website on today’s internet. There are drawbacks though:

  • either the user has to have a plugin, but they lose most of the benefits of SAFEnetwork (privacy, anonymised, lack of censorship)

  • or the webserver has its own connection to SAFEnetwork so no plugins are needed by the user, who won’t notice any difference. This will happen, but I don’t see it as interesting or a big deal either way.

I don’t think either help adoption much. The more use cases and interest generated the better in some ways, but if they don’t bring users any significant benefit, I don’t see them as valuable, or likely to help much with adoption.

  • Caveat, you can’t build a plugin for Chrome because it can’t handle safe:// URLs. MaidSafe already made one for Firefox, so we know that is feasible. It isn’t being continued because users will be vulnerable to attacks by malicious websites (same attacks as now on the internet), whereas SAFE Browser should all but eliminate this possibility.

Yeah sorry ignored most of your questions :relaxed:

pretty amazing how you always have comprehensive answers for everything, and always time for beginners trying to understand how things work here.

thank you


Yeah :slight_smile: History will have a special place for @happybeing

Would love to help make a MaidSafe documentary after the Network blows up with mass adoption :slight_smile:

Little movie to see all the dedicated faces behind it, etc. I think it could be a popular idea eventually :slight_smile: feature the community


I use a firefox extension that allows me to click on any youtube video link and it opens it with VLC - videolan player … I would think that the SAFEnet browser could incorporate such a feature as well. So any youtube video could easily be played - and with a much better video player than you get with the web-browser in any case.

Https links can easily go a similar route - opened by a clearnet browser.

Most difficulties that people might initially have with SAFEnet and SAFEbrowser likely have a simple solution.


I still think that SafeNetwork should not be linked to the clearnet. It may make initial adoption slower, but adoption will happen. Better keep integral than contaminating the SafeNetwork with unsafe configurations.


Thank you @SwissPrivateBanker and @whiteoutmashups I’ve always enjoyed helping (honestly it feeds my ego) so I do it because I want to, but I also really enjoy it when I learn that people appreciate it, so thanks for saying this :blush:

There are quite a few here who are at least as knowledgeable and helpful, Will being a real star in this respect, and my knowledge is a product of being on this forum and learning from everyone. I have more time hang around here than most. I’ve also learned a lot from others about being helpful rather than just showing off, which is always tempting :slight_smile:

Thanks again for saying thanks! It’s a great community, so diverse, and getting more so with time.