Will it be possible for apps to push information to specific nodes (with permissions)?

Will it be possible to push information to a specific node? For example, if I have a computer with a printer, I’d like to be able to send a document from another computer to print. Or allow colleagues/friends/community/town to send documents there for a cost (in safecoin).

Can the computer hooked up to the printer give apps permission to send it information, or will it require polling at certain intervals to look for documents uploaded to the printing app?

I would think not, you could only send information to another SAFE user, but not select a specific node, the network chooses the nodes at random and the node IDs are known only to the network. In the example you provide, you could store the document(s) against your own ID and then login to the computer connected to the printer with that ID and retrieve and print the file. Alternatively you could send it to another user or group of users and they could login and print.

Thanks for the explanation! I personally think this is a very important topic, as we are moving into the era of “internet of things”, where all kinds of devices (even security or manufacturing equipment) can be connected to the internet. I think it should definitely be easy to interact with these “things”.

So if I’m understanding correctly, it would be possible to create a separate user for every piece of equipment, and send instructions to the equipment identified by their login/user? Then I could have some kind of “login manager” application that manages all my devices, adds/removes permissions for them, etc?

And in the backend (like with the demo messaging app that exists for MaidSafe), are these users actually getting pushed messages immediately, or is polling done by the app to get the latest messages, like every second?

Thank you for the clarifications!

The SAFE network is device agnostic and has been designed so that user credentials are not tied to any one device, they are tied to the user. We have spoken to a company in the past who were trying to use TPM’s (Trusted Platform Module) to enable device management from an account, to provide a login manager application. It seemed (to me at least) that this conflicted with a device agnostic network.

I’m not sure about how messages are delivered to users, let me see if I can find out for you.

Interesting, so how would the user’s different devices be differentiated from each other? My work computer won’t need the same permissions/apps/anything as my home computer, phone, printer.

Edit: You answered my other question.

Messages will be pushed through @eblanshey. I hope this info helps!