Why does the safenetwork load slower than normal internet?

So i am testing the safenetwork at the moment, it feels slower than the normal internet. My interest is high speed fibre, so about 20MB/S.

Not only that the images doesn’t display as well on a fully loaded page. Anyone know why this is so?

I’m on a Macbook, using the Safe browser.

Yes it is.

Reasons are

  • caching isn’t enabled
  • chunks pass though a number of nodes on the way to you. This is for the anonymity and security, so that your requests cannot be traced by anyone, or node, or bad actor hooked into the ISPs
  • Only a small number of nodes in the actual network.

Speeds will likely increase as the network grows and more nodes come on line and caching is operational.

Real speed increase over the current internet will happen for larger files and great for videos etc. The reason being is that SAFE allows “parallel” access to chunks and since the different chunks do not come from the one server but from different nodes via different routes then the main bottlenect will be your ISP and/or link speed rather than the server as happens now.

Not sure why. Maybe and my best guess is that its just a different browser rendering the images differently to the Mac’s browser. Maybe someone else who has experienced thos on a Mac can chime in.


The non-rendered images don’t seem to be hosted correctly, I just tried with checking the URL of one of them and it doesn’t seem to be hosted/stored there: safe://maidsafe/images/browser-logo.svg


I found the answer to my post above: Maidsafe website on the SAFE network - #2 by leiklier. He/she explains in that post he/she couldn’t upload all images since he/she ran out of PUT’s


he/she couldn’t upload all images since he/she ran out of PUT’s

The safe-version compared to the internet-version shows a few different “exchange”-links and their logo’s,

Also they are inserted as ‘data-URI’, so encoded straight into the page and not as separate (PNG)-downloads.

In Peruse 10.1 it also instructs the default browser to go and look for “favicon.ico” at http://maidsafe.net

Don’t know who put it up on the Safe network but to compare it with the ‘clearnet’-version one should reconstruct it and have a look then.

Tried both versions on a Windows-machine which I think has never seen them, for what it’s worth:
Peruse did show 2,46 and Chrome 2,418 seconds for both their first trips ;o)