Who will be paid for add new foto on "maid instagram" site?


imagine this:

someone create instagram on final safe network. → he if he want will be access (password) to able to edit (but not delete?) this site. But why someone (or rather a lot of people) will be motivated to pay maid to upload photo on this site?

It must be different byznys model no? I mean they must be motivated by some rewards, for example after watch ad on this site, they will get some maid reward, back.

Thank you for answers.

There could be a ad based system where you see one ad per day and get some snt or if you dont like ads then host a node and get snt slowly from there and be able to post with a ad free experience

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You upload your data to the network not the site.

For instance you could have the site instagram and I could have the site instaounce and that photo is upload to the network but available on both sites.

Not sure that I understand your question though?


Maybe also add that the plan is for the network to reward the uploader who paid to upload the content.