Which programming language is better to master to create applications for SafeNet?

Hello, friends!

Tell me, please. I want to create many different applications for SafeNet. Which programming language is better to master? Maybe Rust or Go is better? Or in any other language?


the best language to develop something is not equal to the language you should learn.

Rust IMO is the best out there and it will be the standard in a few [add your prediction here]

but for learning just pick an easy language,

  • web: if you want to be web learn html/css for the gui and js/php for the logic, I would suggest JS cause you can run js in frontend. Also learn jquery cause there are jquery scripts for anything imaginable.

  • local: python

the goal of learning programming is not to learn a programming language but programming skills and that can be used across all languages so you pick an as easy as possible programming language to start

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

would you like to join my discord for coders? I can help you as much as I can, we can learn together and we can make daily voice calls to keep motivated!


Learn how to use API or SDK’s and with that use a programming language of your choice like Python, Javascript, etc.


Anything that compiles to WASM ! :wink:


Wow! An amazing recommendation from you and great learning resources! Thank you so much!

I will definitely take advantage of your offer. I don’t speak English well yet. I just write… :slight_smile: Communication with such good people as you encourage me to learn English for conversation. :slight_smile:

I also need to create an account on discord to join you. thank you. I will create it soon.


@SmoothOperatorGR, @DeusNexus, @TylerAbeoJordan - Friends, colleagues, thank you very much for your feedback and mentoring advice. They are very useful.


here is a link to my discord server for coders! come and lets hack together!


Everyone’s saying JavaScript,

But is there an API for JS in SAFE yet? Or one being built?


Patience, grasshopper :slight_smile:

When the basic code is stable, APIs wont be far behind.


“I want my API and I want it NOW”

  • Call JG Wentworth, 877-API-NOW

Nothing is stopping you cloning the relevant repos on Github and scratching your itch. I am sure PRs will be gratefully received and accepted after appropriate review :slight_smile:

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ChatGPT has been known to think there is :slight_smile:

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Must be thinking of SAFEjs from years ago

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Right now the API is available in Rust, or via the CLI (command line). You could use the latter by writing in almost any language but it’s a bit clunky.

At some point the API will be available in multiple languages but don’t expect that to happen until after the network is live. With luck people outside the team may do this sooner for some languages.

If I were building stuff I’d be aiming for Rust+SvekteKit using Tauri because that’s available now, cross platform and secure. But it may not suit particular applications or programmers.

As always, the answer to the question ‘which language’ is ‘it depends’. Nobody can really answer without knowing the person, their goals and the application they wish to build.


What would you think of using Vue and capacitor? Could one use the Rust CRUD commands within that?

Just some basic upload / download stuff

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What advantage does that have over tauri+svelte?

Apart from that you may already be practised in Vue +capacitor :slight_smile:
I know zero about capacitor but played with Vue when we still had a working browser.


Yeah, just more comfortable with it.

So rust commands might be possible with Vue+ cap?

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Dunno - suck it and see :slight_smile:
But first I would search Rust + capacitor, see if anyone else has chewed on this combo.

Vue + tauri seems to work Creating Tiny Desktop Apps With Tauri And Vue.js — Smashing Magazine

I’ve not used either but expect they will work, just nowhere near as good :wink:

Tauri doesn’t seem to be very focused on mobile apps

You guys are mostly making desktop apps right?

This looks cool, then you have all mobile and desktop platforms covered with one codebase.

Not sure how well it works, I’ll see if I can even get it working on a basic level