Where could I download Alpha 1 to test out?

There seems to be no links here on https://maidsafe.net/alpha.html for any sort of download, are we waiting to for Alpha 2 to be released? if so wouldn’t be better just to say this on the website?


SAFE Network Alpha 1 is now complete, Alpha 2 coming soon…

Could be more explicit I guess, but yes, there is no live network at present.


Fair question I wish A1 was kept up somehow, with the fixes (invitations)

But not to worry, A2 should be round the corner


From what I understand the alpha network is not currently up and running. It was at one point, but an issue was discovered and now it’s down. If you’d like to develop for the network you could go on github and clone the various code repositories and use “mock routing” which can give you an idea of what the network is like.

Probably just wait for alpha 2 or beta release…


You don’t need to clone the Github. To try the last Safe network against the mock routing download the safe browser and the Web Hosting Manager as example:


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