What's the current situation about symmetric routing?

Continuing the discussion from Maidsafe blog post: Consensus Without a Blockchain by Nick Lambert:

I started reading the system docs recently which led me to read about hole punching and the problem with symmetric routing and I’m wondering what’s the current situation like? Are these router very popular? Is it getting more popular or is it a legacy technology that is fading away? I understand we can use relays to bypass their limitation but if your network mostly consist of these routers is it a problem? For example, if most ISP decided to use symmetric routing how bad would the situation be? Is that possible at all?

Anyway I’m just curious, this is a new field for me and I’m trying to get a better picture of the situation.


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Last figures I seen were 15-25% symmetric but there are several types, there are forward port allocation reverse and random, each with their own issues, but some can be detected and used to bypass them. There is also upnp and natpmp to consider as well. (I did a paper which is on our site about DHT Nat traversal)


Thanks for the answer, that’s more than I expected, I was under the impression they were rare cases only.

As a follow up question, since vaults are paid on Get request does a node relaying the communication get a share of the income?

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Not at the moment, it would be very hard to prove unless nodes kept some proof token and that may slow things down an awful lot. Never say never though

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