What websites can you really build on the SAFEnetwork v IPFS

I was wondering if you can build a site EXACTLY like a centralised crypto exchange, such as Binance where users can deposit other crypto, as well as the website creator being able to have the data of the users if they so choose(As well as the website not needing the data of the users if they so choose also?)

And where exactly is SAFE different to IPFS?

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IPFS decentralizes business cards. SAFE decentralizes actual people. Now, imagine there is a murderer in your neighborhood, and her fetish isn’t shredding business cards.

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You’re asking the wrong question. It’s not what you can build. It’s where you can build it.
IPFS: YOUR exchange on MY physical server. You get to decentralize the domain name. (Womp Womp)
SAFE: YOUR exchange’s meaningless encrypted shards of information spread randomly around an enormous abstract mathematical landscape emergent from the global mono-server of all network nodes.

IPFS continues the FLATLAND paradigm and the business model inherent in it. Maybe they disrupt ICANN. (Womp Womp)
A 2D serial killer would have trouble in a 3D world. Where would you prefer to protect your family and most sacred treasures?


Ipfs network also shreds data and distributes it to peers. That was the whole idea from the start. It is useable today and is getting better with permanent storage on the ipfs network with the use of filecoin. At the moment openbazaar uses ipfs because it allows persiatant data storage as long as your node is up once in a while. Its not just a namecoin knock off.

Triggered? Sophist?
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Filecoin was scammy to get rich fast. Quick thinking by young kids to take advantage of the market. Don’t get me wrong. Juan Benet is smart and seems talented. But now they have to reverse engineer a complicated patchwork solution that doesn’t take into account core issues or deep understanding about how the world works…outside of computer science. Classic youth. SAFE could certainly flop, but beyond seeming like a much better solution, the deep understanding of the real problems and the decision to build from the ground up as signs of mature developers. And blockchain still can’t scale for file storage. Good luck getting nodes to secure and store the world’s info over the long-term.


I’ve been pondering this exact question myself, which is why I began looking into the code to see if I can create some web app and learn more about how it all works. Well, I don’t think there’s a way to run a site like binance on safenet. You need to host the wallets/daemons and store funds. Safenet has no server/processor, it’s client-side based. It’s possible you could do a semi-decentralized exchange where the actual website is mostly decentralized on safenet, but how will the trading engine work? Might have to centralized that too.

From what I’ve seen there’s no way to build a completely decentralized exchange on safenet that functions like the centralized exchanges do. I would be very surprised if it is somehow possible. Maybe someone who’s studied this better can give a more clear answer,

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So as well as joining all the data, doesn’t it join all the computing power of the users too to form a decentralised “processor”!?

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Not at this time, that is a future feature to be worked on after release.


Just got sick of the cultish behavior in this forum. Thats what alot of people think outside this community.

Too bad you feel that way, guess many here have a strong feeling for the project and have been following it for many years.

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It’s not a cultish forum at all. We are all idealists attracted by the vision of another idealist - David Irving.

A cult is a group of oppressed and often entrapped followers who have been subjugated to their ‘dear’ leader.

We are all freedom advocates of one shape or another … so honestly the complete opposite of a cult.

In truth, it is the lack of vision of the average joe who just do not ‘see’ the span of it all and so cannot understand why so many here are so strongly supportive of it. So the result for the small picture guy is to resort to demonization - after all, it can’t be their lack of vision! So it must be a group of insert your fav demon word here.


From what i’ve learned IPFS it is slow as 98 year old women with a hip fracture, security holes like swiss cheese and only allow static web-pages. IPFS should probably be re-build from the ground up from what I learned in the past, can’t have bad input and expect good output and results. I don’t know if they done that but I get the feeling they just trying to fix the leaks and throw a block chain on top of it.
Unfortunately I don’t have anything good to say about IPFS, maybe I’am wrong.
This is just my honest opinion about IPFS, haven’t bother to look closer at that project for a long time.

I would rather go with Dynamic web pages on the SAFE-network, which is built with top notch quality and focus on security and privacy. For me SAFE-network and IPFS can barely be compared.

On the SAFE-network you can build dynamic web sites, social networks, music streaming, chatts, forums, video-streaming, file-sharing and much more, from what I know you can’t do this on IPFS. And you can already try out some of the above mentioned sites/apps on the Alpha 2 test network, if you want to, then you can find out for yourself what the differences is.


I think the point he’s making is we see SAFE as the end all be all. While I don’t think we really live under that delusion or that it’s even guaranteed, I feel the project has some superior tech that is completely under appreciated and that makes us squawk a little louder than some. Yes other projects are making good strides in some areas and I think we can all acknowledge that but I simply have not found anything that intrigues me more than the tech that SAFE has to offer has. The community being polite and supportive is just icing on the cake.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cooler cult out there.

Argumentum ad populum


Maybe so cool he has got a cold :wink:

More cowbell!

Although I haven’t tried to do so myself, it seems that IPFS can do dynamic websites. A couple mentioned in this thread are peerpad and OpenBazaar. https://www.reddit.com/r/ipfs/comments/8fozw6/discuss_how_to_construct_a_dynamic_website_with/?utm_source=reddit-android

I think the main shortcoming of IPFS is that nodes can see and select what they host, so it doesn’t have the same kind of robustness, anonymity, and censorship resistance as SAFE.

The Filecoin blockchain is the incentive layer / marketplace for hosting services, not where the data is stored as others seemed to imply. The data lives in IPFS.


I’ve found over the years nearly all groups/projects where people are passionate or highly interested or invested in will have their community forum viewed as “cultist”. Generally though those groups are not cultist but hopeful/passionate about the “thing”, but from outside it does seem cultist.

SAFE has the potential if it does as advertised to blow the lid off the current internet. But only if it is built. So yes I can see the forum as being seen as cultist, but as you say its just one of the cooler ones. We’ve seen changes made due to the community concerns/input and a lot of developer/community interactions as equals and not leader-dummies

But of course its not a cult, there is no call for people to cut themselves off from the world, no call for them to not use their intelligence or any of those requirements for a cult.


You could interpret a cult as as a group who cultivates. A synonym for cultivate is farm…
Ps I think I see what you did in you last post @darkhorse.


IPFS is a good tool - it’s also used for d.tube (streaming video) and works well as an alternative to youtube and others. If it can work well for streaming video, then it’s not all that bad. My understanding is that it’s newer than the bittorrent protocol and was written to be more web-friendly than bt protocol.

It is however a ‘clearnet’ protocol and that means the data, no matter where it is stored can still be tracked/traced to an IP address and coercion applied to the IP owner to take down the data in question - even when that data is distributed, if it’s owner isn’t hidden, then the data can be taken down. So basically, while IPFS, like bittorrent is censorship-resistant as compared to the central server approach, it is still censorable given enough resources.


IPFS uses blockchain (I think) and SAFE uses Data chain