What’s up today? (Part 1)

Amazing read:

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sponsored by HSBC? A very Anglo-centric view approved by the tribe of bankers that we dare not criticise.

Harrumph :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmm :man_shrugging:

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Auld Liz is dead BTW. The news is being withheld for the day that Assange gets extradited to the US for further torture in the hope that we will all be so prostrated with grief that we wont notice.
Bastards are doing this just to spoil my party.
I wonder what it will be like having a spaniel (King Charles) for a monarch?

Take your tin foil hat off :joy:

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No!!! Its comfy and it covers my big ears.

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is there project, that copy maidsafe? If its idea of maid so revolunatiry, then I maybe expect a multiple project and people copy this idea, I mean mainly transaction without fee and almost instant payments.

If no why not


You have some cryptocurrencies instant and free like $Nano and many more with fee almost zero, but Safe Network is much more than this.

It takes a while after something is proven technically and financially for copies to come about. It’s what gave bitcoin such an advantage over projects that were essentially copies with different marketing like Doge. None of them have been able to rival bitcoin so far, and those which might are not copies but attempts to add something new or change the technology to perform better.


no transaction fees and fast transactions can exist within the Safe Network as a side-effect of the networks core system of data storage. In other words the amazing monetary potential of SN is a sort-of side-effect of it’s core mission.

You wouldn’t be able to create something as good I think otherwise. Nano is probably as close as you could get IMO.

Perhaps a smart contract platform could create a similar model to SN and use DBC’s too, then that might work. But as a pure monetary system more like bitcoin, I don’t think it’s possible.

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Just launched. Looks really interesting.


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All the more reason for all of the SAFE community to install Brave, sign up for Brave rewards and send your monthly BAT earnings to @Dimitar for the Community Marketing Fund.
Individally its not a lot, if we all do it however it would add up very quickly indeed.


She missed, on an island.


@Sascha is mailing her as we speak


Well done, no mention of cock pics. :clap:


I leave that to @aatonnomicc.

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