What is this all about?

secure access for everyone

somehow bing got replaced as my default search engine and this came up instead of the forum.

Home | BUSINESS NAME (safenetwork.com)

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Well from the email @optictopic is the one who knows.

We should consider coming together to buy that domain before launch if the price is not ridiculous. If nothing else but to redirect traffic.

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I bought safenetwork.online back in May for possible use with community projects. Its not pointing at anything yet but may serve as somewhere to host node monitoring dashboards etc

Cant mind just how much it cost but almost definately less than a fiver for the first year. Auto-renew is set to OFF


bing thinks that site is more important than the forum it came up first in the list


This is good, it means that Microsoft already has respect for SafeNet and is trying to marginalise it :slight_smile:

In my opinion it doesn’t matter, SN is the new Internet and the lack of a .com domain will not affect the development of the web in any way. What matters here is the strength of the technology and that will determine the development, the web as such does not need a domain like Internet.com

I bought this site years ago so it could be used for the safe network. It’s basically a place holder till the network is live and the site can be used for useful onboarding info.


Where would you like the URL to point to?


There’s the man!

Sounds great.


Can I have an XXL T-shirt please in cyan?

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