What happens if the network crashes after everyone converts their MaidSafecoins into Safecoins?

Is there a contingency plan if the network crashes shortly after the deadline for everyone to convert their MaidSafecoins into Safecoins?

Where did you see a deadline?

I’m only interested to know because a person I know wants to buy Maidsafe Coin but might not be available for about 3 years to convert it to Safe Coin.

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I think the network would just be restarted with the initial distribution. It’s the best we can do.


It seems you assume what happens if initially there’s too little capacity compared to the number of Safecoins.

If that’s the case then you are repeating a scenario I described in several posts last year, where initially there’s (say) 400 million coins and 4,000,000,000 MB’s (4PB). If everyone wanted to PUT some data on the network, you could get 100 KB per Safecoin (on average), which is expensive.

But I was assured that this static approach to calculation is invalid and that instead the network will increase the price quickly should it start running out of capacity. So we don’t know what that might mean in practical terms.

Maybe it means the network can’t crash because you’d have to pay (the equivalent) of 10 per 1MB PUT, and people wouldn't be wiling to do that. Or - my theory - that the exchange rate of the coin will drop so that the (/MB PUT) would be much lower. Who knows.

I think he just means that the network fails (broken, loss of privacy etc.), don’t see anything related to your theory :slightly_smiling:


My concern is not how the network crashes, but if it crashes. If the network has to be rebooted and all data is lost, is there a contingency plan to recover lost converted MaidSafecoins?

  1. Noone can force you to reboot or delete your vault.
  2. There was a hypothetical question on what would happen if the world Internet were to split in two or more parts. IIRC David said each part would become its own SAFE network so that’s your answer for a massive regional failure in which users don’t delete the vaults and keep going. If the network is cryptographically atacked that’s another story.
  3. The same what if question can be asked of any coin. There’s no answer and no guarantee (which is why precious metals are not such as silly investment, contrary to what some have claimed in a recent topic 2 days ago)

All the conversion data should still be in the BTC blockchain I suppose, so that can be repeated.

So if you sold your SAFE coins for Ether on SafeX, that would be a wonderful scenario (to have SAFE Network crash, and get another boatload of MAID)


So if you sold your SAFE coins for Ether on SafeX, that would be a wonderful scenario (to have SAFE Network crash, and get another boatload of MAID)

No. Question is, can you figure out why? :slightly_smiling:

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Safe transactions are by definition recorded only on the Safe network.

If SafeX plans to checkpoint their transaction blocks elsewhere, that doesn’t mean that the scenario can’t play out in some other scenario, such as selling Safe face to face, where you send me ETH (which is on their blockchain) and I send you Safecoins, which is only on the SAFE network and then if SAFE network goes down and all data is lose, what proof is there that I sold you my Safecoins?

Well yes, of course I was teasing :slightly_smiling:

But who is going to sell their Safecoin in case the network crashes, or because they think they can crash it? It is a none scenario really.

If it happens, yes, early sellers would get their Safecoin back, but let’s face it - it won’t be worth very much compared to before the crash.

I know, I discounted the possibility as well.
And it could end up the other way - maybe Ethereum’s network would crash and I Safecoins would become even more valuable. The same question can be asked about any coin.

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