What are the open privacy (and security) issues in the SAFE network?

OK, I think I’m understanding to some extent how the SAFE network operates. In short, it looks cool.

It’s almost too cool :smile:

Just curious, are there any open questions that need digging into, specifically related to privacy or security? I’d be especially interested in issues related to safecoins.

Edit: Found so far:
-Malware (security issue)
-Sybil attack (security issue)
-No info found on the forum of an Eclipse attack (routing table poisoning) (security issue)
-Safecoin: Does not act as an independent payment network (basis of the SAFE network is storing data) (functional issue)
-Failure of priv/pub key mechanism (theoretical, but a huge security issue if it happens)

Just noticed this thread: The doubts thread

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I think the most harmful would be malware with a keylogger. If people would know your username:PIN:pass you’re doomed when it comes to security.

This topic might come close.

Good question! Here are some security/privacy issues for which there is a pretty solid strategy, but always worth poking (as David might say :-)):

  • ensuring anonymity of publishers (cf. wikileaks & secure drop) from state suppression of information
  • preventing censorship (e.g. traffic blocking, take-down of domains)
  • ensuring anonymity of browsing activity and communications (cf. Tor) from state spying