Website badges/buttons

We should have some sort of badges and or buttons for websites, apps etc using Safenetwork.

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You mean something like “Powered By The SAFE”:

Like these example of other companies.

I agree because it would help to promote the SAFE Network, with every website/hardware that’s running on the SAFE Network showing a label. But badges/buttons/labels don’t tell you if your on the real SAFE Network. I’ll still say that at some point in the future a 3 letter organisation will be able to let people see (safe: instead of http:, and while your on http: let you think your on safe:). Eventually to really know if your on a safe: powered website, you’ll need to login with a safe account.

What we should really push is getting the safe: protocol, integrated into browsers. A good start would be Firefox or Tor. I’ve been barking at Tor for being unsafe, but the Tor community and SAFE community got the same goal. Now that I think about it, it would be easier to have the SAFE protocol integrated into the Tor browser, before a Firefox would do it.

Maybe having a survey of Tor users who think it’s a match to integrate the SAFE protocol into Tor would be handy. Maybe we should start contacting the Tor project, instead of busying ourselves with bitcoins problems. It’s fun to talk about a SAFE browser, but if we can have the Tor browser with 2M users integrate our protocol. Who knows we don’t immediately need our own browser or put more energy in a ff plugin. Who knows in return we can host Tor exit nodes on the SAFE Network (if that is even possible).

Does it make sense that our devs work directly on integrating the SAFE protocol into the Tor browser instead of fiddling with a ff plugin?

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Speaking as a programmer, and one who maintains a (very, very) minor browser-related project, it’s completely unclear at all how to implement the protocol. Step one is for MaidSafe to release a document such as this: draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-16

edit: sorry to OP, I realize this has completely diverged from your comment

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I’m sorry to keep barking (because I’m not a programmer at all)

But did you contact the devs of Maidsafe working on the Firefox Plugin? Because even your (very, very) minor browser-related project could be a starting point. You absolutely have my respect for speaking up and being honest about this being unclear, for now.

No disrepect towards your (very, very) minor browser-related project, but Tor is opensource. So a few pull request from the Maidsafe devs & and survey if the Tor community would like it woulden’t hurt (this would maybe make the Tor community aware of the SAFE Network). I’m obviously not the person to contact Jacob Applebaum but maybe @nicklambert could. This maybe could also be our big marketing campaign from both sides. I can already see the headlines. “Tor project integrates the SAFE protocol for a truly super secured internet”.

@zankfrappa welcome to the club this is the first time that I see you :slight_smile:

I think we need to be more advanced with the network before we contact other notable projects like TOR, to a point where they can just run it and verify our not unsubstantial claims. We should keep our powder dry until that point so that we have a bigger impact when we do make contact. I agree that there are common objectives between the 2 projects and I would be optimistic about collaboration (whatever form it may take) moving forward.

Welcome @zankfrappa, I agree that our developer documentation is lacking right now and this is something we are working on. We do need to make it much easier and more obvious for developers to work with SAFE technology. To this end there is a developer specific website in the pipeline which will make engaging with the code much easier.


Hi, @19eddyjohn75 and @nicklambert … thanks; I agree with your points.

Back to the issue of badges and such, there probably should be some clear guidelines around what’s ok, what’s forbidden, etc in terms of using SAFE branding/trademarks. E.g., Twitter/Facebook have very specific guides to help developers integrating with their platforms. Also keep in mind, in the open source world, protecting the brand name matters a lot and helps prevent forks and fragmentation.

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@goindeep we’ve had marketing promotion discussions in the past, such as ways to increase early distribution of Safecoin, spread awareness and adoption of SAFE (as I mentioned in your other thread), but things have been quiet on this for some time. I think we start to focus as we get nearer to a working network!

Obviously @nicklambert and MaidSafe have their ideas and plans when the time is right, but I think this is also a great area for the community to get involved in - producing ideas and schemes and the resources (such as graphics, viral videos, spread the word apps, websites, blogs etc.). When the time is right, the more the better I think, but if possible with core messages and brands that will pull everything together - as you suggest here.

So I’m wondering if you might start to collect ideas and develop strategy in this area? I know you are invested and have marketing skills and experience. I’m thinking of creating a toolbox of ideas and keeping track of any individual or group initiatives within the community (such as @whiteoutmashups’ Apps/Logo sites), MaidSafe marketing resources, your own thoughts etc. Just a thought. I think there is a lot of interest in this, and its an area that everyone can contribute to, and which will be much needed before long.

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Sure. Sounds like a good idea to me.